Our Life With Reborns

Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Reborn Baby Humour.

Have you ever had fun with your reborn baby at the exspense of someone else? I know I have, for example after one of my children watched the movie Mama, I hid a toddler reborn in their wardrobe and left the door slightly open whilst they were asleep. Now I know this may sound a […]

Stunning Prototype Baby For Sale.

Prototype baby

This absolutely stunning prototype baby is for sale on ebay. Proud to present Prototype ” Lola ” by the very talented Bonnie Sieben. Many thanks to Bonnie Sieben for putting trust in my work, loved every second while bringing to life this little angel. Name : Prototype ” Lola ” Date of Birth : 27 […]

Reborn Artist Angela Plicka

Reborn artist

If you are looking for a dream baby then you need to look at reborn artist Angela Plicka. Her babies are truly stunning. They are super realistic and even their eyes have the greatest depth. I love how she can paint either gender just as well and bring them to life in the most breathtaking […]

Perfect Theme For ID&TS 2019 Revealed

ID&TS 2019

The ID&TS 2019 have announced the most perfect theme for the show. With the location being in Orlando I just think the chosen theme is ideal. What do you think? Isn’t this just the best theme. “FairyTales” Can it get any better. I can not wait to see what displays are created based on this […]

Why I May Not Go To Rose 2019

Not going to Rose 2019 is something that I have been thinking about for a little while now. I do have tickets to both days floor shows, the Award ceremony, Baby shower and the Vintage Tea Party. But now when I think on it I just don’t know. It doesn’t seem to hold the same […]

Cute Reborn Baby For Sale

Reborn baby for sale

This beautiful reborn baby is for sale. She is really stunning. Reborn artist Katti Winter. Realborn Evelyn (Bountiful, Denise Pratt) limited Edition. Hair Painting Measures around about 51 cm. 4 / 4 arms and legs. Babyweight 2900 g (without belly and back plate) I dye my babies only with Genesis artist paints in a real […]

Reborn Babies And Halloween

Reborn babies

With Halloween coming up do you have any plans for your reborn babies? Do you have any special outfits you like to dress them in or any type of display that you like doing more than others with them. Are you at all nervous about putting them in black for fear that it may stain […]

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