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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Limited Availability 2021 Artist Calendars

There are now only a limited number of 2021 calendars left. $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Limited Edition Must Have Kit Coming Soon

Starting 15th July, you can order this truly incredible limited edition doll kit from Truborns. Shopping at Truborns allows you to shop in complete confidence as they only sell high quality genuine products. You can also be sure that communication with Truborns owner Bobbi is simple and easy for any queries you may have. “A […]

Setting Up Displays At UK Doll Show

Debbie Woodhouse has been busy setting up these wonderful displays for the upcoming Doncaster Doll Show. One of my favourite things about the shows is seeing all the wonderful table displays being put together. It helps everyone who can not attend the show in person feel like they can still be a part of it. […]

Top Artist Free Giveaway Reborn Baby

During this years online Valencia Doll Expo you all have a chance to win a stunning Paqui Galan baby. Paqui is undoubtedly a top quality, high end artist. Her work is always incredible, creating some of the most realistic, lifelike babies. You will find it hard to believe that they are not real. So when […]

Come See Some Kansas Doll Show Babies

Come and see some lovely babies ready for the Kansas Doll Show 2021. The countdown to this year’s Kansas Doll Show is truly underway. One of the greatest joys of this time is sharing the babies that will be for sale. All of the lovely babies shown below are from artist Janan Kuhn Duncan. Each […]

Realistic Prototype Reborn Baby

This adorable prototype reborn baby by Alexa Calvo is sure to win hearts, and who is surprised. Alexa creates some breath taking dolls that look super realistic. Every little detail is brought to life lovingly to create a totally life like doll. If you love this little darling and would like one of your own […]

How To Win An Angela Plicka Baby

For many people the chance to win a reborn or silicone baby is amazing. Which is why I will often share any giveaways with you all. When the artist of the baby is Angela Plicka then it is even more exciting. The giveaway for her baby takes place at the Rose Doll Show 2021. This […]

Cuddle Baby Looking For Love

This lovely cuddle baby will be waiting for you at the 2021 Kansas Doll Show. We all have Janan Kuhn Duncan to thank for sharing the pictures of this darling baby. The build up for the shows are just as exciting as the actual show and allows everyone to really get involved. “Precious Allie*..sculpted and […]

Lovely Fantasy Dolls At Kansas Doll Show

These sweet fantasy dolls will be available at Laurie Duncans table during this years Kansas Doll Show. This show is getting closer and closer, which gives us all a treat as we see lots of sweet babies that will be looking for new homes. When you are thinking about a lovely new baby, you really […]

Sweetest Reborn Babies For Sale

These adorable babies from the UK Doll Show are for sale. If you are looking for your next new precious baby then look at these sweeties from Natasha Whitney. Natasha is a talented artist, who makes the cutest babies that you can not help but love. Each baby really seems to have its own character. […]

Painting My First Reborn Baby.

I just had to share this exciting news with you all. It has taken me a while to get the courage to do it, but I have signed up for an online reborn painting course. Taught by the talented Elisabetta Monari, it is safe to say that I can not wait. Elisabetta paints using her […]

Doll Artists First Time At Kansas Doll Show

Doll artist Flory Castro is both excited and nervous about being a first-time vendor at this year’s Kansas Doll Show. This show is going to be a very exciting time. With so many wondeful dolls to see, you will want to make sure you visit every table. Make sure you visit Flory at her table […]

Prototype Silicone Baby For Kansas Doll Show

Artist and scultor Heidi McCree has shared these beautiful photos of one of her new prototype babies with us. We are fast approaching the start of the 2021 Kansas Doll Show and excitement is building. We are all enjoying seeing the lovely dolls that have been created. So many have already stolen hearts, and darling […]

More Lovely Babies From Inside Doll Show

We have another patch of wonderful photos from inside last weekends UK Doll Show. Again, thank you to Julie Findleton for sharing these. I truly love looking at them. There were so many babies looking for a new home. Unsurprisingly many got their wish, and left that day to start a new life cherished by […]

Giveaway Baby For Kansas Doll Show

Artist Jackey Brake has been so kind and donated this wonderful doll to the Kansas Doll Show for a giveaway. We all love having a chance to have a free baby, and when it is this quality it makes us all very happy. “Jackey Brake of Pocket Full of Posies Reborn Nursery has generously donated […]

So Many Wonderful Babies For Sale

Last weekends UK Doll Show had so many wonderful babies for sale, leaving the biggest question being how to pick just one. Thanks to the lovely Julie Findleton we can all view these dolls even if we were unable to attend in person. For many of us these photos are the closest we get to […]

Inside Last Weekends Doll Show

The weekends UK Doll Show may be over, but doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy it. Thanks to Julie Findleton sharing these wonderful photos online. Now we can all live that show feeling just a little longer. For many of us that could not attend in person, seeing these photos are the only way we […]

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