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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


With each Calendar purchase you also get a raffle ticket to win a free silicone head cuddle baby.


Preorder yours as soon as it opens.


International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

Beautiful Doll Show Table Display

Don’t you just love doll show, I always enjoy seeing the table display of each artist. Just look at this wonderful one by Teresa Wildman. There is so much to see, my eyes can not stop looking and trying to see each little detail. With not only dolls but also accessories it is amazing what […]

Donation Baby For Rose 2022

This adorable baby by Linda Hill is going to be given as a donation for Rose Doll Show 2022. This incredible baby really has so much character already that you can not help but love her. Linda has done an amazing job at bringing her to life and making us all fall in love. As […]

New Tiny Teats By Laeni Kiriona

If you have a smaller sized doll then you have to check out Tiny Teats. This new range from the super talented Loved Much By Laeni Kiriona is one you won’t want to miss. When you buy a smaller baby, it is often hard to find all the accessories to go along with it. Which […]

Giveaway Baby For Ukraine

Wouldn’t you just love to welcome home this adorable baby and support Ukraine. This wonderful baby has been donated by Paqui Galan as a giveaway to support a wonderful cause. 🎁🎁Giveaway🎁🎁 “Hello to all, I can already make you participate in the initiative that I will start from this moment, since I have asked for […]

Beautiful Prototype Baby Stealing Hearts

This beautiful prototype baby is stealing hearts around the world. And it isn’t hard to see why. With so much attention to detail in both the sculpt and painting the finished baby is remarkable. With all Marita Winters babies you know you are getting high quality, this standard continues with Blessing Awake. So when we […]

Star Of The Month Keepsake Cuties Nursery

Star of the month is Keepsake Cuties Nursery. We love sharing our Star artist, designers and sculptors with you all, and this month truly is a lady of many talents. The nursery is run by the seriously talented Shelby Hammond. Each baby that she makes is realistic making it so easy to fall in love […]

Super Realistic Reborn Baby

When you see a baby that is as realistic as this one you just have to share. I have only one question. How is he not real? This darling has been so perfectly painted that he is sure to steal so many hearts. The quality of this doll is going to really amaze you all. […]

Cute Handmade Teddies At Doll Show

Kellie Beyga has shared some lovely handmade teddies with us all at this weekends online Doll Show. These darling dolls are going to make a perfect prop and cuddle toy for any reborn. I just love how sweet they look in the arms of the dolls. If you haven’t seen them in the show yet […]

Stunning and Realistic New Prototype

This stunning new prototype is going to set your hearts racing. Painted to perfection, it is a fantastic example of just how amazing these darlings can be. It is no secret that I adore Angela Plickas babies, as one of my all time dream artists I love to see each new baby she makes. With […]

Online Doll Show Coming Soon

If you have been itching to get to a doll show, but the worries of the world have been holding you back, then this could be for you. Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March, you can join us all at the Online UK Doll Show. This show is always a lot of fun and is […]

Top Doll Artist Appears On TV

The super talented artist, sculptor, designer and all round superstar Susan Dizon Gibbs has brightened our day by appearing on TV. In an interview, where Susan got to showcase her amazingly realistic dolls, we all got to fall in love with some of her babies all over again. We all know that Susan is one […]

New Donna RuBert Reborn Doll Kit

Reborn doll

A new reborn doll kit will be available soon. This stunning sculpt by Donna RuBert is going to be stealing hearts all over the world. Charla (20″ Reborn Doll Kit) Charla, by Donna RuBert! About 20″ long, includes vinyl head and full limbs (arms & legs). Prototype by Marie Gambus-Metayer This kit has 3/4 arms […]

2022, Things To Look Forward To

We have begun 2022 and lets be honest, 2021 didn’t even feel like it was here longer than a month. But with so many new exciting things taking place this year there is a lot to be excited for. To start with there will be new sculpts coming out from your favourite artists. 2022 will […]

Last Day To Order This Adorable Kit

Jorja Pigott Today is the last day for you to pre-order this lovely kit. The limited edition Shiloh is going to be so cute when completed. ” *** ORDER TODAY *** Limited Edition “Shiloh” Vinyl Kit OF 600 WORLDWIDE SAVE THE DATE!! Pre-Orders begin July 15th, 2021 – July 25th, 2021 I am so excited […]

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