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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Less Than A Week To Enter Christmas Giveaway

Time is running out for anyone who has not yet entered the ourlifewithreborns Christmas Giveaway. So for those who haven’t entered and want to find out how, details are below. Now that we have entered December I wanted to remind you of all the information that has already been released about the ourlifewithreborns giveaway. Firsty […]

Why Is Support At Home So Important

When we first enter this hobby we may not always be aware of how it could go. Due to this it is very important that you have a supportive partner. This will enable you to be able to sit in front of the TV or in bed cuddling your baby without feeling paranoid. It will […]

Reborn Girl Prototype Baby For Sale

Precious Wonders – Reborn Baby girl PROTOTYPE Yael by Gudrun Legler. Sculpt by Gudrun Legler ,high quality, IIORA member. Prototype Yael by Gudrun Legler. Babies Name: Yael. Date of Birth: December 04th, 2018 / 04.12.2018. Time of Birth: 10:06 am / 10:06 Uhr. Weight: 6lb, 4oz / 2850 gramm. Length: 20,5″ (straight legs) / 52 […]

Gorgeous Prototype Reborn Baby By Jacqueline Kramer

This stunning realistic prototype reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. She is absolutely perfect. Painted to the highest quality, you will never be disappointed buying a Jacqueline Kramer baby. Sweet Prototype * Yael by Gudrun Legler *Reborn*Jacqueline Kramer the sweet Prototype Yael by Gudrun Legler! Date of Birth: 3.12.2018 Weight: 2100g Length: about […]

Three Reborn Babies Made It Home

Saying bye to Reborn babies is never easy. One of the most worrying times is whilst they are being shipped. So I was so relieved to get a message this morning to say that the parcel containing three reborn babies that I sold had made it home safe and sound. These three darlings had a […]

Planning For A New Reborn Baby

Silicone baby

Am I the only one who plans alot when they are expecting a new reborn baby into their nursery. I always want to get the new baby their own outfits, blankets, beds, bottles, pacis etc. I also like to try and decide on a theme for my baby. Although in all fairness that tends to […]

Reborn Baby prototype For Sale

reborn baby prototype

LNDM reborn baby prototype Sophie by Ann Timmerman. OMG I am so in love with this baby. She is so gorgeous. I adore her little face and those eyes, wow just wow. Anyone want any Christmas ideas for me, heres one lol. Beautiful reborn baby prototype Sophie by Ann Timmerman, reborn by the talented marie […]

Reborn Babies As A Christmas Gift


Is there any better gift for a reborn parent than getting a new baby for Christmas. Whether the baby is a surprise gift or a to me from me present, the joy that you get when opening the box is joyful. Personally I have given a reborn baby as a present before. I had a […]

Heart Stopping Saskia Baby For Sale

This heart stopping Saskia baby is currently for sale on ebay. She will undoubtedly sell out in no time. I wish I could get her. Custom Made…Saskia by Bonnie Brown Reborned by Lana Totten Lana’s Reborn Nursery……… Where Dolls Are Born. _______________________________________ THIS LISTING IS FOR: A Custom Reborn Baby Doll Made from the Saskia […]

Sleeping Reborn Baby Landon For Sale

reborn baby

This sweet sleeping reborn baby Landon is currently for sale on ebay. He has been painted to look as life like as possible. Reborn Sleeping Baby Boy Landon by Bountiful Baby With Torso GITA’S REBORN BABIES NURSERY PROUDLY PRESENTS SLEEPING REBORN BABY BOY LANDON WEIGHT: APPR.6 POUNDS LENGHT: 21 INCHES BABY BOY TORSO FULL ARMS […]

Thieves And Scammers In The Reborn Community

reborn community

All to often we hear about people being scammed within our reborn community. But if you really think about it they are not just scammers, they are also thieves. They will either steal your baby or your money and in some cases both. So many times I have heard of dolls being sent and then […]

Rebuilding Your Reborn Baby Bond

reborn baby

Owning a Reborn baby is great But what do you do when the bond you once had with your baby dims. I have had this happen to me a few times. When it does I end up feeling like a bad “reborn parent”. In truth going through this is normal. With life being so busy […]

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