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Hi, New Here.  


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21/01/2019 12:27 am  

Hello, Everyone!

So, I just joined the community, and wanted to give a brief introduction.

Firstly, I do not currently have a Reborn. Though I can see getting one sometime in the future, I dont actually have one. However, I have gotten into selling them.

The reason being: I have friends that own these beautiful and perfect little babies, and it has proven a great relief to many of them. One of my friends iss suffering from major baby fever, and after purchasing one of these gorgeously crafted miracles, she is finding it much easier to cope with being unable to bear anymore.

When she first got her baby, she was so happy, I could see in her eyes just how happy she was. 

I decided then, that I wanted to bring this kind of joy to people. I've since then, searched high and low for the most gorgeous, most unique, and most precious babies. With permission from the sellers, I, too have begun selling these little masterpieces.

I have several for sale, including clothing and accessories, to provide a little angel to others, and bring happiness to their lives. 

I also believe that those who wish to have one of these pieces of art, should be able to. Which is why, in order to provide smiles and happiness, the babies I have up for adoption, are available for affordable prices.

I love these little darlings, even though I do not have one. And am thrilled for a site where I can interact with mommies and daddies of these gorgeous beings. And provide smiles and happiness, and a lifetime of emotions, to those who truly deserve a precious family.

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