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Susan Thibodeaux Babies For Rose

Susan Thibodeaux will be getting very nervous right now with this months Rose getting close. “I fly out Wednesday to Ut. I’m excited for the show. Here are 9 of my 11 babies coming with me. They will be at table 23.” You have to make sure you stop by her table and see these […]

Please Be Patient

As you all know we about to head into that time of year when the postal system tends to work backwards. So I would like to ask on behalf of all artists and sellers of reborn or silicone items, that you all bare this in mind and be patient. This is pretty much out of […]

Reborn Clothing Made For All

Reborn clothing

Reborn clothing is always a fun part of collecting the babies. With new clothing coming out all the time the clothing collections themselves can become large. Buying creations from My Design Jorge can help to increase your collection as one outfit is never enough. His designs are so cute that you will fall in love […]

Truborns Silicone Supplies

Silicone supplies

Truborns silicone supplies Silicone Velvet® Matting powder An advanced silicone finishing powder to matt or maintain silicone dolls. Skin and paint safe, this is the purest, finest, lowest abrasion powder developed especially for silicone finishing. Because only silicon based products will stick to silicone, and purity is essential to prevent cure inhibition, this powder is […]

Betty by Natali Blick Toddler Sculpt

Betty by Natali Blick

The Betty by Natali Blick sculpt is available to buy. This sculpt makes a stunning toddler. The current full price of this kit is $158.99. A completed doll made from this measures roughly 27″ inches with a head circumference of 16.9″ inches. The limbs on this kit are full, making it perfect to dress this […]

Benji by Sandy Faber Sculpt


The Benji by Sandy Faber sculpt is available to buy and is really really cute. The full price for this kit is currently $129.99. A completed baby made from this sculpt measures roughly 20″ inches with a head circference of 14.6″ inches. The head is ball Jointed. As this is a sleeping sculpt it does […]

Bullies within the reborn community


When you are at school you are surround by bullies, people who take joy in hurting others and try to bring them down. When you leave school you hope that all that is behind you and that it does not exsist in the adult world, that everyone has matured and bullying has no place. Well […]

Full Body Vinyl Baby Gets Cold

With temperatures dropping to minus 20 it is time to get my full body vinyl baby dressed warm. For those of you that do not know my babies so well my full body vinyl one is Kia. I have had Kia for about three years now I think and she was one of the first […]

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