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Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Category: Silicone doll

New Sculpt Coming From Coco Reborns

Who wants another sculpt for 2021, I know I do. Which is why I had to share this progress of this Coco Reborn sculpt. The process of creating dolls must be so satisfying. Coco Reborn artist and owner Mercedes Alvarez Ceballos has had many years perfecting her art and skills. Which results in dolls that […]

Limited Edition Silicone Doll Sculpt

This sweet linited edition silicone baby is too cute not to share Created by Lilou RnBorn as soon as I saw it I just knew that everyone had to know about him. That little face is one that can not be ignored. Can you even imagine how amazing it will look once painted. This sculpt […]

Mini Silicone Easter Dolls Coming Soon

Easter is just around the corner, and if you are not already ready for it maybe these adoroble new mini dolls from Sherri Williams Dolls could be what you are waiting for. Sherri really makes stunning small dolls. I have never worked out how she can maintain the details and attention to the smallest crease […]

Stunning Handmade Gowns At WDS 2021

These stunning handmade gowns will be available at the Online Winter Doll Show 2021 which takes place this month. The detail in these is so wonderful. Made by Monika’s Place these are just an example of the wonderful dolls that you will be able to find at the show. Taking place between 18th to 21st […]

New Julie Molloy Baby Doll For Adoption

New baby doll coming soon for adoption. If you have been looking for your new doll this year, but have yet to find it, maybe this darling from Julie Molloy could be for you. “❤️ A Little Sneak Peek ❤️ Newborn Fiona will be up for adoption ~ On WEDNESDAY March 3rd 🥰 I will […]

First Awake Silicone Sculpt Coming Soon

A new silicone awake sculpt will be coming soon and isn’t he looking so cute. Sculptor Jennifer Costello-Delcegno will be making many silicone artists happy in 2021 by creating awake sculpts. Little Conner will be so sweet when he is completed. For many it will seem like a long wait until they can get their […]

Twisted Beanstalk Before And After Painting

These beautiful dolls show the difference between the before and after painting from The Twisted Beanstalk. Isn’t there such a difference. The amount of work that goes into bringing the dolls to life is incredible. It really is a true labour of love. But the result makes it so worth it. The babies that she […]

Work In Progress LSR Silicone Doll

This lovely Work In Progress by Laurie Sullivan Roy is a lot of fun. Little Ollie Octopus will be a unique piece to add to your collection. I can just imagine how much character Ollie will have when he has been painted. I really like how Laurie creates so many unusual dolls. It allows peoples […]

Upcoming New Silicone Doll Sculpt

Lilianne Deres has shared this sweet upcoming silicone doll sculpt with us all. This doll will be available soonvwe hope, ascI am looking forward to seeing some prototypes. The expression on this little ones face just makes me smile. This baby has lovely features which all new mummys or daddys will adore. My focus is […]

New Doll Sculpt Coming Soon

Jamie Lynn Powers has shared this new doll sculpt with us all. Baby Booth, will be coming in both vinyl and silicone, which means she is perfect for all collectors. For a sculptor it must be very satisfying when the doll you envisage in your head finally appears from the clay. It then becomes so […]

Angel Fantasy Doll Coming Soon.

If you are looking for your next fantasy doll then Angels By Noemi artist Noemi Smith may have just what you are looking for. This sweet kit will be coming soon to silicone, and if you are lucky to vinyl as well. “Aurora” coming soon silicone baby 3 months old about 22 inches. Raise your […]

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