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Category: Silicone doll

New Limited Edition Silicone Baby

This darling new limited edition silicone doll by Dawn Murray McLeod is going to be sought after. What a little treasure he is already. He is sure to steal so many hearts. “I would like to introduce Dublin! He is a 16″ full body baby that will be available as a limited edition silicone 🌸 […]

Whimsical New Silicone Doll Sculpt

Virginia Comish has shared photos of this new whimsical silicone doll sculpt that she has made. It is a perfect addition as a fantasy doll and yet has the sweetest features. Her dolls are really incredible. She puts so much care and time into them that you can not help but adore them. This precious […]

Precious New Silicone Doll Sculpt

This precious new silicone doll sculpt from sculptor Kristin Englert is ready to be sent to her prototype artist to be brought to life. Each little feature on this darling is perfect. Once complete this amazing sculpt is going to make a baby that everyone is sure to want to welcome into their own collection. […]

Upcoming Silicone Doll Sculpt

Olga Lapteva has shared some wonderful pictures with us all of her upcoming new silicone doll sculpt. The sculpt which is due out this year is sure to prove very popular and be loved in many collections. This cute little full-body silicone baby girl is a welcome addition to the community. ” My new sculpture […]

Maria Lynn Grover Awarded Diamond Award

Maria Lynn Grover is among the most talented artists that I know, so it is no surprise that she has won a Diamond Award. Her work is both lifelike and top-quality. If you buy one of her babies you know that they are a real treasure. “I’m so thrilled and honored to be among the […]

Stacey Haskins Wins Diamond Award

Congratulations on winning a Diamond Award. Artist Stacey Haskins is well known for producing realistic and high-quality dolls, which is why it is no surprise that her work has received an award. Her babies are loved by so many people. I know that I always stop and look at them when I see them on […]

Silicone Dolls On Sweet Tooth

One of the most fun series around at the moment is Netflixs’ Sweet Tooth. This series is full of fantasy adorable silicone dolls, leaving everyone in the community wondering hows work they are. At this time it is a mystery to us but one that I hope will soon be revealed. After all I bet […]

Junes Star Sponsor Nadaleena’s Nursery

This month we are so happy to be able to say that our star sponsor is Nadaleena’s Nursery. Her work is so special as you can see from the pictures here. Nadaleena creates some truly adorable babies. They are both cute and realistic. Nadaleena creates One of a kind lifelike silicone dolls. These dolls will […]

Adorable And Cheap Silicone Babies

Have you ever wanted to be able to say, “I own a silicone” without it breaking the bank? Well now you can. Francesca Figa is something of a genius with clay as you can see from these pictures. And she has now found a way for you to be able to have a sweet baby […]

Precious Full Body Silicone Baby Doll

Susan Dizon is what I would consider as a super talent within the community, so when she shared this precious silicone doll sculpt I just fell in love. This darling is going to be a limited edition baby of a very small number made. Every single part of this baby is so perfect. I can […]

Spectacular Sculpted Mini Baby

This spectacular sculpted mini baby by Jennifer Costello-Delcegno is simply gorgeous. I really love how this doll looks. It is so cute and makes an ideal handful that everyone is going to love. Without a doubt it is one that I would love to have in my own collection. Jennifer has done a great job […]

New Full Body Silicone Baby Boy

This beautiful new full body silicone baby boy is now all complete. Eva Brilli is one proud sculptor right now, and who can blame her. A lot of time, effort and love has gone into creating this doll. With many hours spent putting all the creases, cute limbs and facial expressions onto the sculpt. “Good […]

Inspiration Keeps Sculptor Going

Artist and sculptor Laeni Kiriona has shared some work in progress pictures with us all on social media and has confessed that at times it is inspiration that keeps her going. This little darling is shaping up to be really cute. Laeni is taking great care to capture every crease, wrinkle and overall detail that […]

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