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Nlovewithreborns2011 New Website.


We all know and love Stephanie Ortiz AKA Nlovewithreborns2011. Many of us have been following her (in the nicest possible, non-stalker-like way) for several years now. I know I have, so it is really exciting to see that she has a new website. https://www.nlovewithreborns2011.org/ On the site, Stephanie offers many services including body refreshing, nail […]

Celebrate Christmas With The Reborn Community

I wanted to share a collection if videos with you all showing how the reborn community celebrates the festive season. Personally I love Christmas, I look forward to it every year. I find it exciting to see how everyone with the reborn community interacts with their babies over this time. I hope you enjoy these […]

Christmas Giveaway Round Up So Far

christmas giveaway

Now that we have entered December I wanted to remind you of all the information that has already been released about the ourlifewithreborns giveaway. Firsty let me say this time it will not be for a reborn. It will be for a some kind of reborn accessory. I will shop for it so that it […]

A Growing Reborn Community In The UK

reborn community

I have noticed recently that the reborn community within the UK seems to be growing. This is a great thing to be happening as it means that there is an increase in the number of friends within the community that you can make and meet up with. Sharing your reborns in person is so much […]

Should Gifting Reborns Get You Hate


Sometimes within my time in this comminity I have been in the situation where I could gift one of my reborns to someone. This is something that I would enjoy doing. But I found more of more often that I would get people being mean to each other or to me about doing it. People […]

Inside Kansas Doll Show 2018

Kansas doll show 2018

For those of us that could not get to the Kansas Doll Show 2018 in person, we live it through pictures and videos. So here is a small selection of videos from inside the show showing you all the fun. I love all the small attention to detail that I can see. I wonder how […]

A change to my youtube channel

Reborn channel

I have recently made a change to the content that I put on my Youtube channel. I have also changed the name of the channel from rebornmummy to ourlifewithreborns. I will still be making roleplay videos, but these will be uploaded onto the Suzy G Reborn Nursery channel that was set up with my daughter. […]

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