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Always happens to someone else.

Always happens to someone else

Am I the only one who feels that they never get any luck when it comes to competitions or any helping hands or pieces of luck when you try to enter things, that it always happens to someone else. I know that I have never won any giveaway that I have entered, so when I […]

My Current Reborn Babies for Adoption


My current Reborn Babies for Adoption. I have decided to reduce the number of babies I own in my private collection.As a result I now have several reborn babies for adoption. It isn’t that I do not like them any more. I really do. But I found that at this point in my life I […]

Making My Reborn Nursery 2018

With the new year finally here, I thought that it would be a good idea to redo my reborn nursery space. So I took an unused room in my house and decided that somehow I was going to make that work So to start with I do know that it is a very small room […]

Valentines Day Giveaway 2018

Valentines day giveaway

This Valentines Day I have decided to do a Reborn related Valentines Day giveaway. I love doing these giveaways and I hope you guys enjoy being part of them. The prize on this giveaway will be a fantastic box of reborn related products, plus an item for mummy to say thank you. I am doing […]

Respect Within The Community

I have been seeing an increase within the community of a lack of respect towards others I personally think that this is really sad. One of the things that I loved about the community when I joined was how much support we gave each other and how we lifted one another up instead of focusing […]

Giveaway Winners Prize

During my time doing my Youtube channel I have done a giveaway several times. Most of these have gone well and ended successfully. But there had been a few that had not gone to plan. This was one of them. Now the winner of this giveaway has waited a while to get her prize. I […]

Reborn baby shopping in the Uk

Ok so one of my favourite parts of this hobby, it’s no wonder that I hit the shops as soon as I am back in UK. The clothing available in the UK is amazing. I never fail to find many items that I want the struggle is always knowing which items I should get. As […]

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