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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Category: Reborns on Youtube

Top Doll Artist Appears On TV

The super talented artist, sculptor, designer and all round superstar Susan Dizon Gibbs has brightened our day by appearing on TV. In an interview, where Susan got to showcase her amazingly realistic dolls, we all got to fall in love with some of her babies all over again. We all know that Susan is one […]

Reborn Outfit Dilemma

One of the most enjoyable things to do with our babies once we have them is to dress them. But there are occasions when this becomes difficult to do. With our dolls meaning so much to us, it is so easy to dress them in a way that is super cute and adorable. Once you […]

Giveaways And Fun At in The Dolls World Celebration

Giveaways and fun can be found at the In The Dolls World virtual celebration. “BLACK HISTORY MONTH WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! Get ready for In The Doll World’s (ITDW), first virtual celebration! ITDW podcast/YouTube channel, will celebrate February, Black History Month, by hosting the Annual World of Black Dolls Celebration (AWOBDC). Imagine, a month […]

Twisted Beanstalk Grinch Twins

Twisted Beanstalk nursery has shared these sweet Grinch twins with us all. Shanine has such a fun imagination. Which means her dolls are always fun to see. I know these Grinchy babies will be very popular this time of year. “Now these Beanstalk babies look a little Grinchy! Hmmm….must be the season Shanine’s website is […]

New Our Life With Reborns Youtube Video

Our Life with reborns new youtube video is now live. With the run up to Christmas, we decided to continue getting our babies dressed. Today was the turn of Darcy, who was made by Elisabettas babies. She got changed into a pretty onesie with Christmas trees and bunnies on. To match it we added a […]

My Current Reborn Doll Collection

As much as I love this hobby, my own reborn doll collection tends to change over the years. At one stage I owned over 30 dolls. Now I own far less than that. Factors over the years have changed that, and it is fair to say that yes I do miss the dolls I have […]

Nlovewithreborns2011 Reborn Giveaway

Reborn giveaway

Everyone loves reborn babies, and when you get the chance to win one it is just great when there is a reborn giveaway for one. Nlovewithreborns2011 is going to be offering this gorgeous baby as a giveaway baby. The ways to enter are so simple that everyone can take part. As Steph said the winner […]

Hang Out With Nlovewithreborns2011

If you want to learn how to paint reborn babies to a top level or just hang out with Nlovewithreborns2011 for two days then you’re in luck. With this amazing two days course in the art you can do just that. “If you are interested in taking my wife’s 2-day ethnic class, or hang out […]

Serenity Smiths Paints Her First Silicone


When you think of painting a silicone baby the thought can be very daunting. But that hasn’t put off Serenity Smith who has painted her very first baby. “Please welcome my first silicone I’ve painted! I love her and all her flaws it was a great experience. Baby Serena sculpted by Christina Vassill Whiting” I […]

Quantity Verses Quality In Doll Market


The doll community, and in this instance I am refering to both silicone and reborn babies, has seen an increase in doll artists and people having a go. This is of course great, the community growing is always fantastic news. But it does make me wonder how many people are in it for the love […]

Changes To How We Interact With Dolls.


I don’t know about you, but when I first got into this hobby I spent all my time with my dolls. I took them out sometimes with my daughter, we did videos on dressing them, on taking them for walks, on night routines and feeding them. Generally all the things that are done when role […]

Can Doll Role Play Be Taken Too Far?

Doll role play

With doll role play being a big part for some people joining this community it made me think if it can go too far. I have been a part of the reborn or doll community for several years now and have seen so many different types of role play. Some just simple basic role play […]

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