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Inside Kansas Doll Show 2018

Kansas doll show 2018

For those of us that could not get to the Kansas Doll Show 2018 in person, we live it through pictures and videos. So here is a small selection of videos from inside the show showing you all the fun. I love all the small attention to detail that I can see. I wonder how […]

A change to my youtube channel

Reborn channel

I have recently made a change to the content that I put on my Youtube channel. I have also changed the name of the channel from rebornmummy to ourlifewithreborns. I will still be making roleplay videos, but these will be uploaded onto the Suzy G Reborn Nursery channel that was set up with my daughter. […]

Suzy G Mobbed By Reborn Babies

Suzy came to me recently saying that she wanted to spend time with the reborn babies. I’m not sure this is what she meant. When she started cuddling one she couldn’t decide who she wanted go cuddle. So in the end several got a nice cuddle. It was both funny and sweet to see. The […]

New Reborn Baby in Nursery Bringing So Much Joy


This week we have been lucky enough to welcome a gorgeous new reborn baby girl into our nursery. This stunning new baby is the Penny sculpt, reborned by the super talented artist Richell Harp of Gemini Reborn Nursery. I consider myself lucky as I have the privilege of cuddling three of her babies now. When […]

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