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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Category: Reborns on TV

Top Doll Artist Appears On TV

The super talented artist, sculptor, designer and all round superstar Susan Dizon Gibbs has brightened our day by appearing on TV. In an interview, where Susan got to showcase her amazingly realistic dolls, we all got to fall in love with some of her babies all over again. We all know that Susan is one […]

Silicone Dolls On Sweet Tooth

One of the most fun series around at the moment is Netflixs’ Sweet Tooth. This series is full of fantasy adorable silicone dolls, leaving everyone in the community wondering hows work they are. At this time it is a mystery to us but one that I hope will soon be revealed. After all I bet […]

Doll Artist To Appear On Tv.

Norwegian doll artist Wenche Myvrang Smedstad is set to appear on TV. Although it is great to spread the word about her art, it was certainly a time she was nervous. I know we would never be able to go on TV. Hopefully Wenche will share some clips here of her show. “Jeg er heldig […]

Scam Stories Come From All Over The World

Laura Cosentino is one of my personal dream artists, so seeing her share this moving scam story I couldn’t not share it as well. ATTENTION COLLECTORS, SCAMS (UNFORTUNATELY) ARE ALWAYS BEHIND THE CORNER A singular story (yet another) about reborn dolls comes from the United States that even more makes us reflect on the many […]

Sweet Cheap Reborn Baby Girl

Reborn baby

When looking for your next reborn baby girl, price does not always reflect quality as this cute little girl proves. I was surprised when I saw her price. This cute and cheap reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist of this baby. All details are provided from her ebay […]

Reborn Baby On HBO.

Reborn baby

I love to share the success of others within the community, which is why I couldn’t not share this. Reborn Kisses Art Doll And Silicone Reborn Nursery moment has finally arrived with her face and baby being shown on HBO. Taking to social media she shared… “???????? DRUM ROLL!!!!! The moment we all have been […]

Will Smith Plays With A Reborn On Film Set


As if a reborn baby could get any cooler? Now Hollywood star Will Smith has commented at just how real the reborn baby he used during the filming of Bad Boys 3 looks. “The Fresh Prince star shared a video on Instagram on Wednesday, showing him picking up a real-life baby Kai, cooing over him […]

Reborn baby in movies

It must be a huge honour for any artist to have their reborn baby in a movie. So I am so happy to share the news of another of our artists having this happiness. Lynn Katsaris is the artist that is going to have her stunning baby in the movie “Becoming A God”. I do […]

A Change In The Tone Of The Reborn Community

Am I the only one who has noticed a change in the tone within the reborn community lately? A place that used to support each other, welcome all and show love and respect for everyone, has now changed to one of scamming, lies, dishonesty, stealing and backstabbing. People seem more to be out for what […]

Reborn babies are more than childs play

For years children have been playing with dolls. But thanks to reborns, adults can continue their love affair with dolls and allow there imagination to run free. Fox 8 have published an article about some of the benefits related to the dolls. I found it a really interesting read and will be finding out more […]

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