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Reborn baby in movies

It must be a huge honour for any artist to have their reborn baby in a movie. So I am so happy to share the news of another of our artists having this happiness. Lynn Katsaris is the artist that is going to have her stunning baby in the movie “Becoming A God”. I do […]

A Change In The Tone Of The Reborn Community

Am I the only one who has noticed a change in the tone within the reborn community lately? A place that used to support each other, welcome all and show love and respect for everyone, has now changed to one of scamming, lies, dishonesty, stealing and backstabbing. People seem more to be out for what […]

Reborn babies are more than childs play

For years children have been playing with dolls. But thanks to reborns, adults can continue their love affair with dolls and allow there imagination to run free. Fox 8 have published an article about some of the benefits related to the dolls. I found it a really interesting read and will be finding out more […]

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