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Sweet Reborn Toddler For Sale

Reborn toddler for sale

This sweet reborn toddler for sale is currently on ebay. Although the toddler in the picture herself is not for sale, you can order one exactly like her. PEBEBE NURSERY PRESENTS PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS OF THIS AUCTION! THIS AUCTION IS FOR REBORN TODDLER BETTY BY NATALI BLICK HAIR COLOUR YOU CHOOSE, TODDLER MOHAIR, HUMAN […]

Reborn Blog 11th November

It has been a little while since I have done a reborn blog so I decided to do one today. The 11th November as some of you may know is rememberance sunday. So even though we may not currently be in the UK we still honoured this in our house with the moments silence. And […]

Cute Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

Prototype reborn baby

This cute prototype reborn baby is available for sale on ebay. The sweet Prototype Ephram by Melody Hess! Date of Birth: 10.11.2018 Weight: 2250g Length: about 20` Sculpting by: Melody Hess I’m very pleased to introduce you a new Honeybaby, a very special one, sweet Baby Ephram by Melody Hess! Thank you so much dear […]

Am I Leaving The Reborn Community?

Reborn community

As many of you know I am currently selling my babies, which has promted a few people to ask if i am leaving the reborn community. So I decided to quickly write this. The short answer to that question is, Yes I am selling or gifting my babies. No I am not leaving the community. […]

Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do

Recently I have had to sell many of my babies, which has left me having to say goodbye to them. It’s surprising just how attached we get to our babies which makes parting with them so much more difficult. I don’t like packing them away until it is almost time to leave me as I […]

Elisabetta Monari At Kansas Doll Show 2019

Kansas doll show 2019

Attending Kansas Doll Show 2019 will be a truly enjoyable event. With the list of hugely talented vendors it is no surprise that reborn artist Elisabetta Monari will be there. Elisabetta knows her way around doll shows now, having attended various shows. You will not be disappointed by the welcome you get and the babies […]

Gorgeous Reborn Baby Boy For Sale

Reborn baby

This gorgeous reborn baby boy is for sale on ebay. He is so sweet, I just want to pick him up and cuddle him. REALBORN QUINN ASLEEP BY BOUNTIFUL BABY Weight: approx. 5.300 lb / 2400 g Length: approx 19 inch / 48 cm with Vinyl full arms and full legs THIS DOLL IS NOT […]

Cute Reborn Baby Girl For Sale.

Reborn baby

This sweet reborn baby girl is available for sale on ebay. She has been painted to perfection and is super realistic. Name: Molly D.O.B: 31/10/2018 Weight: 6lb 12oz approx Length: 22.5″ approx Description I am SO very proud to introduce my latest Baby Girl *Molly* Molly has been lovingly created from the ADORABLE, ARIELLA sculpt […]

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