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Realborn Baby Boy For Sale

This gorgeous realborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. This stunning little prince has been painted to a high quality. I am not the artist to this amazing baby. ✿Beverleys Babies ✿reborn baby Boy doll ✿REALBORN from 3D real baby scans Welcome to ✿Beverley’s Babies✿ photo png_zps1a0c6aea.png Baby’s Name .. Theodore Date of Birth […]

Beware The ID&TS 2019 Scammers

ID&TS 2019

To help keep us all safe within the community, we have to share and forwarn each other. So to keep the wonderful ID&TS 2019 safe in all ways Stacey Haskins has been kind enough to share with us the news of a new scam. Taking to Social Media to warning was shared. “ATTENTION EVERYONE: If […]

Celebrate Spring With This Reborn Giveaway

Reborn giveaway

I had to share this amazing reborn gjveaway with you to celebrate Spring. Little Dreamers Reborn Nursery and Boutique are proud to present this live drawing for an Easter reborn. The announcement was made on social media, where you can see more pictures. It’s our new Reborn GIVEAWAY 😀😀 On MARCH 30th we will be […]

Pre Order The Beautiful Margot Sculpt


You can always trust Truborns to offer you some of the most adorable sculpt options. MARGOT By CASSIE BRACE is no exception. Currently available to pre order this kit will make an incredible baby. At a completed length of approximately 25-26 inches, this sweetie is a cute sized toddler. Having full limbs is an asset […]

Fabulous Prizes To Be Won At Kansas 2019

These amazing prizes will be up for grabs at the Kansas 2019 doll show. With each prize that is revealed I get more and more excited, and I am not even lucky enough to be attending this year. So I can only imagine the level of excitement on those people that are going. “We are […]

Pretty Handmade Baby For Sale

Reborn Baby

This pretty handmade baby is currently for sale on ebay. I am not the artist for this baby but wanted to share her with you. She us so cute and created using an adorable kit. rjbour Joe Bourland BABY Connery REBORN Newborn Lavender Asleep Realborn rjbour presents ~*Connery~*~ Weight: 5 pounds 4 ounces Length:19 inches […]

Payment Plans On Offer At Rose 2019

Rose Doll Show

We all know that attending Rose 2019 we not be a cheap event. But there is a way that you can reduce the amount you will need upfront. You will of course require your transport there, tickets to the show and hotel. But if you are hoping to purchase a baby you could be in […]

Reborn Baby Fever

reborn baby boy

Spring is going to be with us soon and with it will bring the birth of new life all around us. Do you find that as the weather gets warmer and the days longer that your reborn baby fever gets worse? Does the change in season make it more likely that you will start to […]

Limited Edition Silicone Baby For Sale

Limited edition silicone baby

This breathtaking limited edition silicone baby is currently for sale on ebay. Made to perfection this little princess is sure to win your heart. Full Body Silicone Baby Doll 19” Baby Girl Miracle #3 / 5 By An Huang Proud To Announce Miracle Full Body Silicone Baby Miracle comes 5 limited editions worldwide plus an […]

Realistic Reborn Baby For Sale

This amazingly realistic reborn baby is currently for sale on ebay. Please note I am not the artist for this baby. I love to see how each baby can come to life through each layer of paint that is applied. Sams reborn nursery never fails to impress. Beautiful Reborn Baby Doll ~ Alexa ~ Sam’s […]

Sweet Little Reborn Baby Boy For Sale

reborn baby boy

This sweet little reborn baby boy is currently for sale on ebay. Painted to look completely adorable. Please note I am not the artist for this little prince. All details provided are taken from the ebay listing. tracyslittletreasures~ SAM by MARISSA MAY~ baby BOY~ anatomically correct 20 ” SAM (OR NAME OF YOUR CHOICE) BY […]

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