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Super Realistic Full Body Silicone Baby For Sale

Full Body Silicone Reborn Baby Doll Alexie by Elena Westbrook Condition is Used. This sweet full body silicone baby doll is currently for sale on ebay. The paintwork on this sweet baby is so realistic. I imagine that dressing this sweetheart would be so much fun. As he is a full body silicone, you could […]

Dark Colours On The Babies


There has been many times when I have been worried about putting dark colours on my reborn babies. I am fearfull that the colour will rub off on the vinyl or silicone and stain the baby. Thankfully to date this has not happened to me, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t heard of times […]

Collections Of Collections


I can not be the only person who’s reborn collection has morphed to become so many collections of different things all in one. I have ended up wanting to have a collection of diapers as well. If I am honest I love the Honest diapers. The designs on them are so nice. So I would […]

“Breathing ” Reborn Baby For Sale

This amazing BREATHING* Realistic Reborn Art Doll Baby ♡ Worldwide Christmas Delivery is available for sale on ebay. Length ~ 18″ Date of Birth ~ 30th November 2018 Weight ~ 2lb 13oz Baby is fitted with a BREATHING MECHANISM which moves at the realistic, slightly faster breathing rate to that of a newborn baby. Below […]

Collections Never Stop Growing.

It is a fact, that when you are a collector of reborn babies, that your collections never stops growing. With new sculpts coming out all the time, there is always another must have kit for your collection. Not to mention the different versions of babies, by this I mean the babies you see when browsing […]

Reborn Clothes Shopping In Sweden

Reborn clothes shopping in Sweden is really fun. So I told you the other day that I would share as much of my trip with you as I could. This starts with the reborn clothes here. I am waiting in a hotel overnight until my flight tomorrow. So I decided why not make the most […]

Reborn Doll Quality Over Cost

When you are looking to decide which reborn doll to buy not, what is it that you focus on mainly. Do you choose your baby based on cost or do you go for quality? When looking for your baby would you ever consider looking at the Chinese dolls, or is there no circumstance that would […]

Ping Lau Sculpt Reborn Baby For Sale

This Ping Lau sculpt reborn baby for sale is currently listed on ebay. She is a very good price so if you like her act fast. Julianna by Ping Lau This is Julianna by Ping Lau. Beautiful smiling baby. Big girl 22″, wears 0-3 or 3-6 depending where you buy cloths from. She is weighted […]

Reborn Baby Girl For Sale On Ebay

This sweet reborn baby girl is currently for sale on ebay just in time for Christmas. REBORN BABY GIRL JUNIPER RARE LIMITED EDITION SABINE ALTENKIRCH💖 GORGEOUS (BRAND NEW) I Have for sale the Gorgeous Baby Girl Juniper sculpted by the very talented Sabine Altenkirch She is a Rare Sold out Baby Limited Edition with her […]

Preparing To Leave The Reborns

cyber monday

Travelling can be a very stressful thing to do, add to that having to leave behind your reborns for a few days and it can make you even more nervous. I am having to leave them for about a week, which means there are some bits I need to do first before I go.  I […]

Reborn Doll Landon For Sale

This cute reborn doll is currently for sale on ebay. The Landon sculpt is so sweet and makes an adorable baby. PBN* YVONNE ETHERIDGE REBORN DOLL REALBORN LANDON AWAKE BY BOUNTIFUL BABY REALBORN LANDON AWAKE BY BOUNTIFUL BABY Weight: approx. 7.220 lb / 3270 g Length: approx 20 inch / 51 cm with Vinyl full […]

Realborn Baby Joseph For Sale

Chubby realborn baby Joseph is currently for sale on ebay. Reborn-Realborn-baby-Joseph-at-3-months-BabyLove-Reborn-Nursery-Andrea-Bailey Professional Reborn Artist of of 11 years. ~Welcome to my auction~ ~Introducing the gorgeous realborn baby Joseph at ages 3 months~ ~He is the perfect sleeping angel and sadly he has been relisted now for the 3rd time due to 2 non paying bidders. […]

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