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Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Sneak Peek Of Jamie Lynn Powers Isla

This sneak peek of a Jamie Lynn Powers baby is so wonderful. The paintwork that has been done on little Isla is so sweet. There are only a few blank kits of little Isla available, so if you love her you need to act fast. “FIRST PEEK at Prototype “Isla” by Jamie Lynn Powers! 🤩 […]

Sweet Prototype Reborn Toddler Doll

Anastasia Bochkova has shared her prototype version if this sweet reborn toddler doll. The Cressida kit by Ping Lau is a really lovely sculpt with such cute features. It can be all the little details that is added to a kit that makes it great. This version of Cressida really brings out everything good in […]

Realistic Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

This beautiful prototype reborn baby girl is currently for sale on ebay. PROTOTYPE Tessa Realborn Girl ~ Reborn by Nikki Johnston ~ IIORA Baby’s Details Name: Tessa Kit: Prototype Delilah by Nikki Johnston Weight: 6lbs 9oz Length: 20” slightly bent legs Prototype I’m very excited to present to you little baby Tessa. I have brought […]

Beautiful Spanish Knit Doll Outfits

These beautiful Spanish knit outfits for your dolls are created by Mari Carmen Abadia Mena. I really love some of these outfits and would love to have them on my own babies. There is a fantastic choice of colour and style here. Which means that no matter the skin tone or hair colour of your […]

Reborn Toddler Doll Tutti For Sale

This precious reborn toddler doll is currently for sale on ebay. Alla’s Babies Reborn Doll Baby Girl Toddler Tutti, Natali Blick IIORA By Professional Artist Alla Cox Tutti From Sold Out Limited Edition “Tutti” Kit Sculpted By Natali Blick Reborn by Alla Cox D.O.B. January 20, 2021 Length 22″ Weight 8 lbs 10 oz Micro-Rooted […]

Extremely Limited Edition Silicone Baby

This beautiful mini silicone baby is part of an extremely limited edition sculpt. This darling has been painted by Bianca Oliveira Passos. u “Ava by Sheila Mrofka 🥰 Ava will be available as a girl and will have a small exclusive edition, only 3 world wide! She is 6 inches and the circumference of the […]

Pre-orders For Cassie Ann Brace Wilma Open Soon

Pre-orders for Cassie Ann Braces reborn baby Wilma will be opening soon. It is certainly a date for your çalendar. This charming little lady is going to find herself being brought to life very soon. With artists currently finishing the prototypes, I can not wait to see these. If you haven’t seen this precious baby […]

Baby Ward Coming Soon To Truborns

This sweet reborn baby goes to show that the collectors in this community really are valued. This darling doll has been inspired by a really special and in all fairness talented in her own rights collector. “Sculpted by Irina Kaplanskaya. Coming for order TUESDAY, January 26th. WARD, sculpted after one of the indistries admired collectors, […]

First Prototype Pictures Of Baby Etta

Fairytale Reborn Nursery has shared the first prototype pictures of baby Etta on social media. On what a precious bundle she is. The pre-orders for her are due to start at the beginning of February. So keep an eye out for them. “Sooo excited to show you all the pictures I received of the first […]

Denae Culbreth Work In Progress Doll

Denae Culbreth has every reason to be excited thanks to her WIP photos of a new doll that she shared. This precious angel is going to be adorable when completed and I will for sure be watching out for her. Denae is really amazing at what she does. The way she allows the dolls character […]

New Fantasy Baby From Twisted Beanstalk

Twisted Beanstalk Nursery new fantasy baby for sale. Everyone who is into the alternative or fantasy style of dolls knows who the Twisted Beanstalk is. She is known for both her imagination and flair when it comes to creating these sweet dolls. Of course the alternative babies are not for everyone, but even for the […]

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