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Reborn babies are more than childs play

For years children have been playing with dolls. But thanks to reborns, adults can continue their love affair with dolls and allow there imagination to run free. Fox 8 have published an article about some of the benefits related to the dolls. I found it a really interesting read and will be finding out more […]

A look into the world of reborns

Fusiin.net have released a story about a reborn mum named Sabrina. The article goes into detail about Sabrinas day as a reborn mummy and touches on the stigma attached to the hobby. I found this article very interesting and thought that it would be worth sharing with you. http://fusion.net/story/330804/reborn-babies-mommies-realistic-dolls/ http://fusion.net/story/330804/reborn-babies-mommies-realistic-dolls/

Reborns can help with PTSD

The UK paper The Daily Mail have published an article revealing how reborn dolls have helped a PTSD sufferer. Abuse survivor reveals how reborn dolls have helped her find peace after the pain of giving up her own babies for adoption The article explains that she has been able to reduce her medication from 30 […]

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