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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Category: Reborns in the news

Should These Sweet Sculpts Become Kits?

Enchanted Kreatures kits sculptor Sarah Mellman has shared these photos on social media asking what the community thinks. The question is whether these should become a vinyl kit or not. And I think we all know what the answer to that will be. So many people are going to love these. I can confess to […]

Scam Stories Come From All Over The World

Laura Cosentino is one of my personal dream artists, so seeing her share this moving scam story I couldn’t not share it as well. ATTENTION COLLECTORS, SCAMS (UNFORTUNATELY) ARE ALWAYS BEHIND THE CORNER A singular story (yet another) about reborn dolls comes from the United States that even more makes us reflect on the many […]

Kind Hearted Artist Gives Back With Love

As soon as I found out about this on social media I just knew I had to share what this truly kind hearted artist had done Thank you Maisa Said for sharing this, which in turn has allowed me to share it. “Maria Grover was approached by The Children’s Wish Foundation to grant the wish […]

Will Smith Plays With A Reborn On Film Set


As if a reborn baby could get any cooler? Now Hollywood star Will Smith has commented at just how real the reborn baby he used during the filming of Bad Boys 3 looks. “The Fresh Prince star shared a video on Instagram on Wednesday, showing him picking up a real-life baby Kai, cooing over him […]

Reborn baby in movies

It must be a huge honour for any artist to have their reborn baby in a movie. So I am so happy to share the news of another of our artists having this happiness. Lynn Katsaris is the artist that is going to have her stunning baby in the movie “Becoming A God”. I do […]

Euro vs US reborn collectors.

Robin asleep by nikki johnson

With more and more people entering the reborn community is there really a difference between the Euro collectors and the USA collectors. So this isn’t actually putting down either group. As a whole we are stronger as a community, but I have been looking into where reborns are more popular. The result of this has […]

Reborn babies, creepy or beneficial

Reborn babies

So there is often a stigma attached to reborn babies that they are creepy. That all the people that have them are unstable or weird or freaks. This is all so much nonsense from a collection of uneducated people. The benefits of these reborn babies far outweigh the negatives. People have so many varied reasons […]

What Would You Do With 500 Reborn Babies?

Reborn babies

What would you do with a collection of 500 reborn babies? Well that is what happened to collector and artist Marilyn Mansfield. Her love of reborn babies is not something that is new. Marilyn has had a life long love of all dolls, so it is no surprise she found reborn babies. Website Kidspot spoke […]

A Change In The Tone Of The Reborn Community

Am I the only one who has noticed a change in the tone within the reborn community lately? A place that used to support each other, welcome all and show love and respect for everyone, has now changed to one of scamming, lies, dishonesty, stealing and backstabbing. People seem more to be out for what […]

Always happens to someone else.

Always happens to someone else

Am I the only one who feels that they never get any luck when it comes to competitions or any helping hands or pieces of luck when you try to enter things, that it always happens to someone else. I know that I have never won any giveaway that I have entered, so when I […]

57 Babies, Only 2 Real. One Lady’s Story

English Newspaper, The Daily Mail have done an article sharing one lady’s story with her reborn babies. The reborn community is getting bigger all the time and it is great hearing more and more stories about different peoples experiences with them. Many of us have more than one reborn doll and artist and collector Silvia […]

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