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Salias Reborn Doll Kit by Olga Auer

reborn doll kit

The Salias reborn doll kit by Olga Auer is now available to pre order on Truborns.com. This gorgeous tiny baby is just too cute. A perfect addition to anyones collection. The Salias is 12 inches in length. With full limbs this sweet baby is so cute and perfect for posing for photos. The soft cloth […]

My Design Jorge Receiving Blankets

my design jorge

My Design Jorge has released his collection of receiving blankets for your reborn babies. If you are looking for affordable blankets for your babies you should have a look at what he has on offer. At a price of only $29.99 and free posting could you really ask for more? These blankets are all handmade […]

Joseph Awake Reborn Kit

joseph awake reborn kit

The Jospeh awake reborn kit is now out and we couldn’t be happier. The Joseph kits make huge babies, but this has been its appeal. Realborn® 3 Month Joseph Awake (23″ Reborn Doll Kit) Joseph, grandson of Nevin and Denise Pratt, has been captured in his adorable chunky stage of 3 months old. 3 Month […]

Chubby Belly And Back Plate For Reborns

If you have seen a belly and back plate in the past, I think it is safe to say that you haven’t seen one like this. Made to highten the sense of realism to your reborn, this is a fablous addition. Realborn® 3-6 Month Chubby Belly/Back Torso for 23-26″ Realborn belly/back plate, specially designed for […]

Yael By Gudrun Legler Reborn Kit

The Yael by Gudrun Legler reborn kit is now available for pre order. This kit can make a super sweet completed baby. A baby completed by this kit measures roughly 19-20″ inches. As Yael is an awake baby you will need a set of 20mm eyes. With Full length arms and legs, this sculpt is […]

Mystery Kit Club, Kit Number 3 Coming Soon

mystery kit club

What fun is life without a few surprises? Well that is where Truborns Mystery Kit Club will spice up your life. With new kits being revealed every six months, the club is an amazing way to add the excitment that will spur some amazing babies. “If you love top quality kits, by amazing top artists, […]

MAIA by Priscilla Lopes Reborn Kit

reborn kit

The MAIA by Priscilla Lopes reborn doll kit is now available to pre order. MAIA. Mystery kit #1 now available to the public! The most realistic preemie kit ever! Due to her dainty nature, extra care was taken in her production. ONLY on Truborns. The length of a baby created from this kit is 16″ […]

Stunning Realborn® Lavender Awake Doll Kit

The cute Realborn® Lavender Awake (19″ Reborn Doll Kit) is now availble to buy. Meet Landon’s little sister, Realborn® Lavender! She is so sweet and will enhance your collection. Lavender has full arms and legs making her ideal to dress in any outfit. When you buy this kit it comes unpainted and ready to reborn. […]

Special Christmas Day Reborn Baby Outfit

reborn baby

With Christmas Day approaching fast it made me wonder how many people within the reborn community buy a new outfit for their reborn baby. Personally I would love to be able to buy new outfits for my babies evey Christmas, until I had a really nice collection of outifts. Dressing your babies for the Christmas […]

Reborn Clothes Shopping In Sweden

Reborn clothes shopping in Sweden is really fun. So I told you the other day that I would share as much of my trip with you as I could. This starts with the reborn clothes here. I am waiting in a hotel overnight until my flight tomorrow. So I decided why not make the most […]

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