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My Design Jorge Gorgeous Sneak Peek

Ok, so it seems that My Design Jorge designer Jorge Aguilar has really found the most exquisite combination of colours and fabrics with this outfit. It is going to be an outfit that sells out within minutes, so it is no wonder that he has given us all a sneak peek. My question would be […]

Beautiful Halloween Dress For My Design Jorge

My Design Jorge

My Design Jorge has created a beautiful Halloween dress. This lovely dress, which comes complete with a headband, will look so amazing on any baby. “My Design – Beautiful Organza lots of Bats Dress and Headband, i only made one and is available..Please message me if interested the price is $36.99 free shipping in the […]

Nala Prototype Baby Soon To Be With You

Maria Jordano has really spoilt us all by revealing the super cute Nala Prototype Baby. I love her work and always get happy when I see that she has a new sculpt out. This little darling is going to produce some adorable babies. I’m so excited to see them. “Los PROTOTIPOS de nuestro nuevo KIT […]

Pearly And Pretty Designs Headbands

Pearly and pretty designs

Sometimes I just come across things within the community that I just have to share with you all. These adorable headbands are one such thing. The detail and colours are simply stunning. I can not wait to see these on a baby, they will look so wonderful. You can look at others that are made […]

Doll Custom Eyes Being Made

Custom eyes

DM-H Studio LLC is always amazing me with what they create. And these eyes are something that will be loved by so many artists and collectors alike. “Today, I sculpted a lot of experimental eyes. I also worked through some eye orders. This is how I made them. It’s very time consuming; lots of curing, […]

New Cuddle Baby Bodies Coming Soon

Cuddle baby

These beautifully made cuddle baby bodies are available from Faithfully Made. The quality of these bodies will mean that anyone who holds a baby made using these bodies will not want to put them down. Faithfully Made owner took to social media to share this exciting news with you all. Which of course means I […]

Hadley Reborn Kit By Lilianne Breedveld.

This gorgeous reborn kit is now available for pre-order. Save money on this order using the discount code at the end of this article. Available for Pre-order for only $30.00 Hadley by Lilianne Breedveld (Deres) When completed Hadley measures a length of 19″ inches. With full limbs this little darling will be a dream to […]

Get Your Customised Baby Props

My Heart Child is selling the customised rattle and accessories set. This is a perfect chance for you to promote your nursery in the sweetest possible way. “I’ve had many inquiries on my gift sets. You can customize your set with as many items you like. You can use your nursery logo or and theme. […]

Save Money On Your Truborns Order

Save money

If you are looking to buy your reborn supplies then you should look at Truborns.com. Here you can find so many amazing products that any artist could want. It does not matter if you are a reborn or silicone artist this is the perfect store for you. As if that wasn’t enough you can at […]

Remy Reborn Kit By Lilianne Breedveld

The Remy reborn kit by Lilianne Breedveld is available for pre-order. REMY by Lilianne Breedveld Save money on your order using the code at the end of this article! The length of a completed Remy baby is roughly 19 inches. As this sculpt has full limbs you can dress your baby is any outfit and […]

Dallas by Dawn McLeod Reborn Kit

This sweet new reborn kit is available to pre-order. At only $30 for the pre-order this adorable baby could be in your nursery. DALLAS by Dawn McLeod The length of this baby once completed is 20-21 inches long. With full limbs this sculpt is ideal for dressing in any outfits. The cloth body required for […]

Cori And Cammie By Kyla Janell Reborn Kits

These super sweet reborn kits of Cori and Cammie are available to pre order. CORI and CAMMIE BY KYLA JANELL. CORI: open eyes. CAMMIE: Sleeper The full length of these kits once complete is 16 inches. With full limbs these sweet babies are ideal for dressing in most outfits. Eyes: Cammie Closed, Cori open (requires […]

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