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Hadley Reborn Kit By Lilianne Breedveld.

This gorgeous reborn kit is now available for pre-order. Save money on this order using the discount code at the end of this article. Available for Pre-order for only $30.00 Hadley by Lilianne Breedveld (Deres) When completed Hadley measures a length of 19″ inches. With full limbs this little darling will be a dream to […]

Save Money On Your Truborns Order

Save money

If you are looking to buy your reborn supplies then you should look at Truborns.com. Here you can find so many amazing products that any artist could want. It does not matter if you are a reborn or silicone artist this is the perfect store for you. As if that wasn’t enough you can at […]

Remy Reborn Kit By Lilianne Breedveld

The Remy reborn kit by Lilianne Breedveld is available for pre-order. REMY by Lilianne Breedveld Save money on your order using the code at the end of this article! The length of a completed Remy baby is roughly 19 inches. As this sculpt has full limbs you can dress your baby is any outfit and […]

Dallas by Dawn McLeod Reborn Kit

This sweet new reborn kit is available to pre-order. At only $30 for the pre-order this adorable baby could be in your nursery. DALLAS by Dawn McLeod The length of this baby once completed is 20-21 inches long. With full limbs this sculpt is ideal for dressing in any outfits. The cloth body required for […]

Cori And Cammie By Kyla Janell Reborn Kits

These super sweet reborn kits of Cori and Cammie are available to pre order. CORI and CAMMIE BY KYLA JANELL. CORI: open eyes. CAMMIE: Sleeper The full length of these kits once complete is 16 inches. With full limbs these sweet babies are ideal for dressing in most outfits. Eyes: Cammie Closed, Cori open (requires […]

Cute Ruby Reborn Doll Kit For Pre-Order

This really sweet Ruby reborn doll kit by Cassie Brace is available to pre order. RUBY by Cassie Brace When you buy this kit please note you are purchasing a blank vinyl kit not a completed doll. Ruby is 21 inches long when complete, making her a perfect newborn size. She has full limbs with […]

Congrats To Four Prototype Artists

Prototype artist

Laura Tuzio Ross’s Abigail is such a darling that all prototype artists wanted to bring her to life. And they did it in style. I want to take this moment to say a huge congrats to the winners. The entries were so good that two couldn’t be choosen, instead it had to be four. Laura […]

Rose 2019 Debut Baby Pre Order Soon

During the Rose 2019 show this cute what I would class as a fantasy reborn baby had its debut. Wendy Marie Dickison Dolldesigns shared this with us all on social media. “New Siren baby “Rhynn” sculpt will be available soon for preorders through Sarah Mellman @ enchantedkreaturekits.com! She had her debut at Rose International Doll […]

Rosalie By Olga Auer Reborn Kit

The gorgeous Rosalie by Olga Auer reborn kit is available to pre order. Aren’t the prototypes of this sculpt most adorable. The way this kit can be brought to life is really outstanding. ROSALIE by Olga Auer The full length of a completed baby from this kit is 20 inches long. With both full arms […]

Prototype Sphynx Kitty And Preorder.

Anna Mellmann of Little Sprouts Nursery has shared this adorable Sphynx kitty with us. This little bundle of fun will soon be available to pre-order from the link provided below. “Please welcome my newest baby, Prototype Amethyst by Jade Warner. This little sphynx was so much fun to create! Please have a look at her […]

New Marita Winters Reborn Doll Kit

The sweet Ava Noel Doll Kit©2019 by Marita Winters will be out soon. She will be in stock early September and we can not wait. The babies that will be created using this sculpt will be so cute. limited edition of 650 kits worldwide. The Down-Payment price to reserve a kit is only $20 USD […]

Prototype Artist Contest From Enchanted Kreature Kits

Prototype artist

Enchanted Kreature Kits have given all artist this great opportunity to make a prototype doll. Taking to social media they annouced this. “Prototype contest!!! Ready set go!! Please read this a few times to be sure you understand everything required! Hey y’all! I have a new prototype contest I’m kicking off today. It runs through […]

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