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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

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Free Gift With Early Release Doll Kit

Don’t you just love getting a free gift? I know I do. If you have had your eye on the gorgeous Vincente doll kit, you will not want to miss this chance to not only secure your kit, but also get a free gift. This offer comes from Truborns and is one that you will […]

Save 50% On Truborns Doll Kits

Truborns is offering a fantastic deal for you all. For a short time you can enjoy 50% off the normal price of select doll kits. Known for producing some of the most realistic kits in the community you are sure to love all the kits that are on offer. “Up to 50% off!! Come snag […]

First Time Sculpting Reborn Baby

Have you ever wanted to create your own precious baby doll. Selena Jakovec who is wonderful artist behind Under The Williow Tree has managed something many of us only dream of. She has actually sculpted her first baby. This little darling is a cuddle baby head and we are all super excited to see the […]

New Sculpt Prototype Reveal

As many of you know we love sharing prototype dolls and new sculpts with you all. That is why we just had to share this adorable new darling. Sculpted by Alyssa Vang you can be sure that the sculpt you get will have fantastic details. This darling baby was painted by the truly talented Nikki […]

New Donna RuBert Reborn Doll Kit

Reborn doll

A new reborn doll kit will be available soon. This stunning sculpt by Donna RuBert is going to be stealing hearts all over the world. Charla (20″ Reborn Doll Kit) Charla, by Donna RuBert! About 20″ long, includes vinyl head and full limbs (arms & legs). Prototype by Marie Gambus-Metayer This kit has 3/4 arms […]

Last Day To Order This Adorable Kit

Jorja Pigott Today is the last day for you to pre-order this lovely kit. The limited edition Shiloh is going to be so cute when completed. ” *** ORDER TODAY *** Limited Edition “Shiloh” Vinyl Kit OF 600 WORLDWIDE SAVE THE DATE!! Pre-Orders begin July 15th, 2021 – July 25th, 2021 I am so excited […]

Pre-Order For Sweet New Kit Starts Soon

Pre-order for this sweet new doll sculpt starts soon. How can you not love this adorable baby. The darling Cameron kit be Laura Tuzio Ross is going to be such a popular doll. This adorable version by Lena Dahl is not available, but goes to show just how perfect he can look. “Cameron ❤ new […]

Limited Edition Must Have Kit Coming Soon

Starting 15th July, you can order this truly incredible limited edition doll kit from Truborns. Shopping at Truborns allows you to shop in complete confidence as they only sell high quality genuine products. You can also be sure that communication with Truborns owner Bobbi is simple and easy for any queries you may have. “A […]

Realistic Prototype Reborn Baby

This adorable prototype reborn baby by Alexa Calvo is sure to win hearts, and who is surprised. Alexa creates some breath taking dolls that look super realistic. Every little detail is brought to life lovingly to create a totally life like doll. If you love this little darling and would like one of your own […]

Breath Taking Prototype Reborn Baby

This breath taking prototype reborn baby is so adorable. Brought to life by Jade Lucia, this darling is so sweet. This kit is going to be really popular due to her lovely features. I will be looking forward to seeing all the versions of this darling on my newsfeed. I couldn’t resist sharing this darling […]

Truborns 4th Of July Super Sale

To celebrate the 4th of July weekend Truborns is offering a super sale. What a great way to spend your time. Browsing all the wonderful items for sale, you will be amazed to see just how generous they are being. HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!! Here are some amazing deals to make your […]

Cute Prototype Vinyl Sculpt

Pictures of this sweet prototype vinyl sculpt by Bonnie Sieben has been shared on social media. I can not wait to see the completed babies from this sculpt. With this cute expression and open eyed wonder look little Matilda will be a fantastic addition to any collection. “Just had to share a sneak peek of […]

Pre-Order Open For Two Adorable New Kits

Truborns, has opened the pre-order for two wonderful new kits. These two darlings are simply adorable. There is no way you could not love them. “2 ADORABLE new kits by Dawn Donofrio! INDIGO and WESTON. Both available to pre-order now. Get yours at: https://www.truborns.com/collections/pre-order-kits/products/weston-by-dawn-donofrio and https://www.truborns.com/collections/pre-order-kits/products/indigo-by-dawn-donofrio ” With one being a sleeping baby and one […]

Pre-Order For The Wonderful New Doll Kit

Pr-orders for the wonderful new Tommaso doll kit by Truborns are now open. This kit is really so adorable. I love all the details and features that you would love to see in a doll. Truborns dolls are always of the best quality at a reasonable price. “Tommaso by Francesca Figa is open for pre-order […]

Pre-Orders For This Stunning Sculpt

The pre-orders for this stunning doll sculpt opens soon. Reborned by the very talented Symara Feitosa we all can not help but love this darling. This darling Serena is going to steal so many hearts. Whoever is lucky enough to welcome her home will cherish her forever. “Prototype Serena by the amazing talented sculptor Taynan […]

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