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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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Less Than A Week To Enter Christmas Giveaway

Time is running out for anyone who has not yet entered the ourlifewithreborns Christmas Giveaway. So for those who haven’t entered and want to find out how, details are below. Now that we have entered December I wanted to remind you of all the information that has already been released about the ourlifewithreborns giveaway. Firsty […]

Christmas Giveaway Round Up So Far

christmas giveaway

Now that we have entered December I wanted to remind you of all the information that has already been released about the ourlifewithreborns giveaway. Firsty let me say this time it will not be for a reborn. It will be for a some kind of reborn accessory. I will shop for it so that it […]

Precious Gifts Free Reborn Babies And Gifts

Free reborn babies

How good does free reborn babies and gifts sound? Well at the Basildon Doll Show thanks to the amazing talents and generousity of Precious Gifts. How could I not share this news. Celebrating an amazing 15 years of producing stunning babies it is such a treat that they are offering this fabulous offer. “FREE Babies! […]

Laurie Duncan Silicone Baby Raffle

Reborn baby raffle

This is a truly amazing announcement, Laurie Duncan is doing a silicone baby raffle. What an amazing chance for you to get to own your own silicone baby. For many it is something they would love to do what are unable. So read details below and get your hands on a ticket whilst you can. […]

Bobbi Barfoot Reborn Baby Competition

Bobbi Barfoot, owner of Barfoot Babies and Truborns is giving you all an amazing chance to win one of her stunning babies in this reborn baby competition. Taking to social media, Bobbi explained the details of this new raffle. “1 in 15 chance of winning a completed reborn baby!!! Tickets are $100 and you either […]

Giveaway Reborn Doll Kit

Giveaway reborn doll

Bobbi Barfoot owner of Truborns is giving you all the chance to enter the giveaway reborn doll kit competition. “??? FREE KIT GIVEAWAY ??? There will be 1 winner of a NOEL kit by Olga Auer. What do you have to do? Please share, like and leave me a comment below this original post. Winner […]

Free Reborn Babies

Reborn babies

We all know that reborn babies are exspensive. For the most part this is not a hobby you can get into cheaply. But there is some good news. For the people that would love a reborn, but have yet to get their first baby there is hope. So how could you get your own free […]

Awesome Reborn Kit Giveaway

Jamie Lynn Powers is hosting a fantastic chance for you to win a reborn kit on Jamie Lynn Powers reborn kit giveaway. For your chance to enter details are below. ???**GIVEAWAY TIME** ??? I’m excited to announce from now until Saturday, you have a chance at winning my beautiful LE Alexa Marie BLANK vinyl doll […]

Reborn Giveaways

Reborn giveaways

There are so many things to love about collecting reborn babies. One of those things has to be the giveaways. Ok so I may have never won from a giveaway but that doesn’t stop them from being fun. It is a way to add a little excitement to the day. Giveaways I have noticed can […]

Silent Auction Prize From Jorge Aguilar

As if the Kansas Doll Show couldn’t get any better, now there is going to be a silent auction to win a stunning outfit made by the super talented Jorge Aguilar. Jenny shared this creation on social media. “Another generous donation for the Kansas Doll Show. This will be given away in a silent auction. […]

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