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Another Baby Ready For Rose 2019

rose 2019

This sweet little baby will be awaiting you at Rose 2019. Lovingly brought to life, thanks to the talents of artist Sue Ward. With these huge eyes, she is sure to receive a lot of attention. There will be so many babies on offer during the floor shows that finding your favourite artists may be […]

Basildon February Doll Show 2019

The Basildon February Doll Show 2019 is fast approaching. With only days left to go now people around the country will be getting excited. The main details of the show are as follows: BASILDON Holiday Inn ​ Sunday 17th February 2019 Opening times: ​ ​ 9.00am VIP ticket registrations​ 9.30am VIP ticket holder entry 10.30am […]

ID&TS 2019 To Go Live On Facebook

ID&TS 2019

Could the ID&TS 2019 get much more exciting? Well the answer is yes. With the news that they will be going Live on Facebook once they begin to get some of the donations for the giveaways in, they will share it all with us. This is going to be an exciting time and help buid […]

Kansas Doll Show 2019 Extras Available

kansas doll show

The Kansas Doll Show 2019 may very well become a part of every area of your life. Including your morning cup of tea or coffee, thanks to these super sweet mugs now on offer. With an asking price of only $15, don’t be surprised if they start popping up in houses worldwide. KDS 11 oz […]

ID&TS 2019 Baby Shower Menu

ID&TS 2019

If you haven’t brought your tickets yet for the ID&TS 2019 then what are you waiting for? With the menu for the baby shower being revealed it is impossible not to get excited. The baby shower is always a lot of fun and you will make memories that will last a life time. As well […]

Kansas Doll Show 2019 T Shirts

kansas doll show

Merch, merch, merch. We all love to get merchandise fromt he shows we got to, and Kansas Doll Show 2019 has some get items on offer. The newest item just available is this amazing T-shirt. These shirts have the cutest babies on and will be the perfect reminder of your time at the show. One […]

Planning Begins For Kansas Doll Show 2020

kansas doll show

Although this years Kansas Doll Show has not even started yet, that hasn’t stopped the host Jenny Raymond from starting plans for the 2020 show. As a start Jenny has created a poll on the Kansas Doll Show Facebook page to find out if people would be interesed in a six day sculpting class. The […]

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