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Strength Found Within reborns


We all got into reborns for different reasons. But it wasn’t until we were in this community that we realised the strength that we could find from them. From comfort to conversation piece to making new friends, there seems to be no end to what we can gain from them. When times are bad it […]

Do Reborn Artists Favour One Gender?

reborn artist

So I have previously discussed us collectors having the possiblity of a preference towards one gender or another, but it got me thinking. Do reborn artists also favour one gender? Some artists do tend to make more girls than boys, is this based on the fact that more girl babies sell, or is it just […]

Should Gifting Reborns Get You Hate


Sometimes within my time in this comminity I have been in the situation where I could gift one of my reborns to someone. This is something that I would enjoy doing. But I found more of more often that I would get people being mean to each other or to me about doing it. People […]

Rose Doll Show Fever

Rose Doll Show

With the popularity of the Rose Doll Show growing, it is easy to see why everyone seems to have Rose Doll Show Fever. The show has been steadily growing over the past years, reaching what will be its current peak in it’s 2019 show. With extras booths and tables having to be added due to […]

Reborn Blog 11th November

It has been a little while since I have done a reborn blog so I decided to do one today. The 11th November as some of you may know is rememberance sunday. So even though we may not currently be in the UK we still honoured this in our house with the moments silence. And […]

Am I Leaving The Reborn Community?

Reborn babies

As many of you know I am currently selling my babies, which has promted a few people to ask if i am leaving the reborn community. So I decided to quickly write this. The short answer to that question is, Yes I am selling or gifting my babies. No I am not leaving the community. […]

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