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Are Baby Artists Protected Enough?


Our baby artists are the heart of this community. Without them where would we be? There would be no dolls to look at, no collection to have. But yet they are not always treated as they should be. With many people wanting their dolls at next to no cost we will loss our artists. Why […]

Do You Have A Dream Baby Artist?


With so many people talking about dream kits, I started to wonder if anyone apart from me had dream baby artists? I use the word baby in place of reborn as I wanted to also include Silicone baby artists. I know I have several artists that it would be a dream to own babies from. […]

Bobbi Barfoot Reborn Baby Competition

Bobbi Barfoot, owner of Barfoot Babies and Truborns is giving you all an amazing chance to win one of her stunning babies in this reborn baby competition. Taking to social media, Bobbi explained the details of this new raffle. “1 in 15 chance of winning a completed reborn baby!!! Tickets are $100 and you either […]

Artists Can Get Scammed Too.


When you think of people being scammed in the community you do not often think it can happen to artists. But this idea is incorrect. In fact artists an be scammed just as much as buyers. You may wonder how an artist can be scammed. Let me try to explain. Many artists sell to people […]

Reborn Artist: Rachels Reborns

I just had to share this amazing reborn artist work with you. Rachel Stephenson of Rachel’s Dolls is a really talented artist who seriously deserves to get more recognition. Not only is she talented at painting both AA babies but also Caucasian babies. Her skills do not end there. She is also amazing at rooting […]

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