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Reborn Artist Angela Plicka

Reborn artist

If you are looking for a dream baby then you need to look at reborn artist Angela Plicka. Her babies are truly stunning. They are super realistic and even their eyes have the greatest depth. I love how she can paint either gender just as well and bring them to life in the most breathtaking […]

Maltas Only Reborn Baby Artist

Reborn baby

A Reborn baby truly is a special thing to own. But some countries do not have lots and lots of artists. Malta is one of those countries, having only one talented lady who creates them. “Walking into Jennifer Hubbers’ home I am greeted by a number of babies in antique prams. No, they are not […]

Elies Enchanted Cradle Fantastic Booth

Elies Enchanted cradle

Elies Enchanted Cradle has put together the most amazing display for the doll show. Elies babies are really gorgeous, they are so realistic. As you can see the theme for Elie was ducks. This should not come as a surprise to many of you. But really don’t you just love all the babies she had […]

Are Baby Artists Protected Enough?


Our baby artists are the heart of this community. Without them where would we be? There would be no dolls to look at, no collection to have. But yet they are not always treated as they should be. With many people wanting their dolls at next to no cost we will loss our artists. Why […]

Do You Have A Dream Baby Artist?


With so many people talking about dream kits, I started to wonder if anyone apart from me had dream baby artists? I use the word baby in place of reborn as I wanted to also include Silicone baby artists. I know I have several artists that it would be a dream to own babies from. […]

Bobbi Barfoot Reborn Baby Competition

Bobbi Barfoot, owner of Barfoot Babies and Truborns is giving you all an amazing chance to win one of her stunning babies in this reborn baby competition. Taking to social media, Bobbi explained the details of this new raffle. “1 in 15 chance of winning a completed reborn baby!!! Tickets are $100 and you either […]

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