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Category: Reborn Artists

When Realism Reaches A New Level

It isn’t often that I will single out an artist purely for praise. But in this instance I truly believe that it is deserved. Many of you may have seen some of the stunning work by artist Hayley Marie Armstrong, but for those of you that haven’t had the privilege yet, take a look at […]

Star Of The Month Keepsake Cuties Nursery

Star of the month is Keepsake Cuties Nursery. We love sharing our Star artist, designers and sculptors with you all, and this month truly is a lady of many talents. The nursery is run by the seriously talented Shelby Hammond. Each baby that she makes is realistic making it so easy to fall in love […]

Doll Community Loses Artist To Covid

It is with sadness that I have to share the news the today, 11th June 2021, the doll community lost an amazingly talented lady due to covid. The wonderful Schröder Konaté had been battling with covid for a little while now, and we had, of course, all hoped that she would make a full recovery. […]

Junes Star Sponsor Nadaleena’s Nursery

This month we are so happy to be able to say that our star sponsor is Nadaleena’s Nursery. Her work is so special as you can see from the pictures here. Nadaleena creates some truly adorable babies. They are both cute and realistic. Nadaleena creates One of a kind lifelike silicone dolls. These dolls will […]

The Doll Community Loses Huge Talent

It is with sadness that I have to share the news that sculptor Reva Schick has passed away. Revas sculpts are very well known. With kits such as Arianna which has become one of the most popular toddler sculpts within the community. Many collectors will have one of her babies in their collection and will […]

Truborns Looking For New Prototype Artists

Truborns is known for quality and good customer service. So it is exciting to share with you all the news that they are looking for new prototype artists. This could really be a dream come true for so many artists. Ways to enter are below. Make sure you are following their Facebook page. “Looking for […]

Prototype Opportunity For Doll Artists

Brandy Coffey has given all doll artists the opportunity to become a prototype artist. For many artists this is a dream and a true highlight for their career. “🎉Attention Reborn Artists – prototype opportunity! I have decided to produce my portrait sculpt of my granddaughter Ilia as a limited edition in vinyl with a silicone […]

UK Doll Artist To Stop International Shipping

We all know that Brexit has made things more difficult for doll artists shipping internationally. For doll artist Fiona Lester of Fiona Lester Scrumptious Babies it has meant that she will now only ship within the UK “⚠️⚠️Notice… All reborn babies sold from this point will only be shipped within the UK. If bought privately […]

Prototype Doll Almost Finished

We have been following the journey of Kimberly Ingham from Butterfly Wishes Reborns and her first prototype dolls. And what a journey it has been. I have loved each progress picture that has been sent. They have been so stunning. You can really see the dolls personality showing more with each layer of paint. “Sneak […]

WIP Fantasy Prototype Doll Update

Butterfly Wishes Reborns artist Kimberly Ingham is truly loving her experience of bringing this fantasy prototype to life. As promised here is the next part of the reborning process for you all. Kimberly is now onto to rooting this little one. Knowing how good Kimberly is at that, I can not wait to see this […]

Big Win For Susan Dizon Gibbs

Susan Dizon Gibbs has every right to celebrate today. Her adorable Teyona baby has won the 2020 Industry’s Choice Award. And what a worthy winner. This baby is just too cute. “Thank you, Lord, for another blessing. Teyona won the 2020 Industry’s Choice Award of Excellence. Thank you DOLLS magazine! Thank you Elena Westbrook for […]

Reborn Artists, A Flooded Market?

Reborn artists

Are there now too many reborn artists within the community? Before I start let me just say that this is only an opinion and does not mean that it is or is not what I personally think. It is merely something that I have seen time and time again online and wanted to address. The […]

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