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Category: Painting Silicones

Adorable And Cheap Silicone Babies

Have you ever wanted to be able to say, “I own a silicone” without it breaking the bank? Well now you can. Francesca Figa is something of a genius with clay as you can see from these pictures. And she has now found a way for you to be able to have a sweet baby […]

Comprehensive Silicone Class Day One

Day One of Susan Dizon Gibbs Comprehensive Silicone Painting class has gone so well. With many people eager for day two we just had to share this completely adorable baby with you all. I truly love it. We all know that Susan is wildly talented in so much of what she does. Which is why […]

Silicone Painting Class At Kansas Doll Show

If you are looking for a wonderful silicone painting class to take part in during this years Kansas Doll Show, then why not check out Christinas. Her work is truly amazing, and the skills you learn here will allow you to grow in the hobby or begin to sell your own babies. Christinas dolls are […]

Susan Dizon March Painting Class

March silicone painting class may be over, but that does not mean we can not look back. Susan Dizon is one of the best painters around, which is why taking one of her classes is truly a great honour. In one of her classes you will undoubtedly learn so much. Not just her techniques but […]

New Susan Dizon Painting Class

Susan Dizon Gibbs is a real genius with doll painting, so when she hosts a class we all hope to be part of it. With this new class there is so much more to learn. More new skills and techniques. Hurry to secure your space in this class. “NEW CLASS! SOUTH ASIAN SKIN TONE A […]

Twisted Beanstalk Before And After Painting

These beautiful dolls show the difference between the before and after painting from The Twisted Beanstalk. Isn’t there such a difference. The amount of work that goes into bringing the dolls to life is incredible. It really is a true labour of love. But the result makes it so worth it. The babies that she […]

Busy Year For An Amazing Artist.

This year is set to be a busy one for artist Leticia Moreno. These are just a few of the awesome dolls that she will have the pleasure of bringing to life. “It’s going to be a busy year! and these are only a few of the many babies I will make 😅. Silicone Bear […]

Loved Much Silicone Painting Class

Loved Much by Laeni Kiriona is the teacher of one of two painting classes that you can be part of at the Aussie Reborn Doll Convention. This show is due to take place this year, and we are all looking forward to seeing all the pictures from it so that we can virtually attend. “Exciting […]

Biracial Painting Class Progress

Christina Vassill Whiting has shared a lovely picture of the progress from her biracial painting class. It is always lovely to see just how much works goes into these dolls. The difference in the before and after is incredible. So much paint skills goes in to making the perfect skin tone for the baby. “Our […]

Biracial Silicone Painting Class Supplies

Christina Vassill Whiting is hosting a biracial silicone painting class. It is a great way to learn techniques that you will use on this and future dolls. It will be an ideal place for anyone who is wanting to learn how to paint dolls. Painting biracial dolls always requires different techniques to more peachy toned […]

New Products Coming Soon To Truborns

New products coming soon to Truborns. We all love using Truborns for our supplies. They are known for high quality and an awesome range of items. I do not doubt that each of these new items will be well received by all. All artists are always looking and needing new brushes, wedges and painting supplies. […]

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