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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

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Busy Year For An Amazing Artist.

This year is set to be a busy one for artist Leticia Moreno. These are just a few of the awesome dolls that she will have the pleasure of bringing to life. “It’s going to be a busy year! and these are only a few of the many babies I will make 😅. Silicone Bear […]

New Doll For Pre-order Soon

This sweet new doll will be available for pre-order soon. Little baby Jude is sure to be used to create many dolls that will be a dream baby for some. With the pre-order for this sweet baby opening soon you will want to make sure you are among the first to order one. Olgas babies […]

Three Little Work In Progress Babies

Artist Deborah Barnett has really put so much care into these three darlings and it really shows by this work in progress picture. They are really the perfect trio. The paintwork on them is so realistic, getting the skintone on them just right. With kits this sweet and paintwork this realistic is it any wonder […]

Work In Progress Painted Doll Hair

Cheryl Van Pletzen has been patiently spending her time handpainting this dolls hair. As anyone who has painted doll hairs in the past will know this is a painstakingly job to do. To be able to paint realistic dolly hairstyles takes a great deal of patience. “Elise painted hair WIP

Pre-orders For Cassie Ann Brace Wilma Open Soon

Pre-orders for Cassie Ann Braces reborn baby Wilma will be opening soon. It is certainly a date for your çalendar. This charming little lady is going to find herself being brought to life very soon. With artists currently finishing the prototypes, I can not wait to see these. If you haven’t seen this precious baby […]

Prototype Artist Wanted For New Doll

DM-H studio is looking for a prototype àrtist for their new kit. Little Bianka is a sweet looking kit and their are so many artists that will do wonders. I am excited to see who will be picked to bring these to life. All the kits that are produced by DM-H studios are cute. So […]

Biracial Silicone Painting Class Supplies

Christina Vassill Whiting is hosting a biracial silicone painting class. It is a great way to learn techniques that you will use on this and future dolls. It will be an ideal place for anyone who is wanting to learn how to paint dolls. Painting biracial dolls always requires different techniques to more peachy toned […]

New Products Coming Soon To Truborns

New products coming soon to Truborns. We all love using Truborns for our supplies. They are known for high quality and an awesome range of items. I do not doubt that each of these new items will be well received by all. All artists are always looking and needing new brushes, wedges and painting supplies. […]

Where Can You Buy Mohair Now In UK?

Now that Brexit has happened it has put a big strain on UK artists. With prices for supplies set to soar there is a worry about UK artists being priced out of International sales. But thanks to Ella Mck there is someone who is selling mohair in the UK. “It’s now very difficult for UK […]

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