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Hang Out With Nlovewithreborns2011

If you want to learn how to paint reborn babies to a top level or just hang out with Nlovewithreborns2011 for two days then you’re in luck. With this amazing two days course in the art you can do just that. “If you are interested in taking my wife’s 2-day ethnic class, or hang out […]

Cori And Cammie By Kyla Janell Reborn Kits

These super sweet reborn kits of Cori and Cammie are available to pre order. CORI and CAMMIE BY KYLA JANELL. CORI: open eyes. CAMMIE: Sleeper The full length of these kits once complete is 16 inches. With full limbs these sweet babies are ideal for dressing in most outfits. Eyes: Cammie Closed, Cori open (requires […]

Cute Ruby Reborn Doll Kit For Pre-Order

This really sweet Ruby reborn doll kit by Cassie Brace is available to pre order. RUBY by Cassie Brace When you buy this kit please note you are purchasing a blank vinyl kit not a completed doll. Ruby is 21 inches long when complete, making her a perfect newborn size. She has full limbs with […]

Want A Beginners Silicone Painting Class In Australia?

So who wants a beginners silicone painting class in Australia? The super talented and fun Laeni Kiriona of Loved Much by Laeni Kiriona has gotten many want to be artists excited. She took to social media to share this idea. “Pssst…. Who wants to join a Beginners Silicone Painting Class…. Class possibility in 2020…. AUSTRALIA […]

Congrats To Four Prototype Artists

Prototype artist

Laura Tuzio Ross’s Abigail is such a darling that all prototype artists wanted to bring her to life. And they did it in style. I want to take this moment to say a huge congrats to the winners. The entries were so good that two couldn’t be choosen, instead it had to be four. Laura […]

Miracle Pen For Doll Hair Painting

Anyone who has ever painted doll hair will know just how challenging it is. How one wrong move can spoil the entire effect. Which is why this amazing pen is something of a game changer for most. “LADIES Lisa from Ultimate Fusion has done it again, she has made an eraser pen. Found an annoying […]

Rosalie By Olga Auer Reborn Kit

The gorgeous Rosalie by Olga Auer reborn kit is available to pre order. Aren’t the prototypes of this sculpt most adorable. The way this kit can be brought to life is really outstanding. ROSALIE by Olga Auer The full length of a completed baby from this kit is 20 inches long. With both full arms […]

Prototype Sphynx Kitty And Preorder.

Anna Mellmann of Little Sprouts Nursery has shared this adorable Sphynx kitty with us. This little bundle of fun will soon be available to pre-order from the link provided below. “Please welcome my newest baby, Prototype Amethyst by Jade Warner. This little sphynx was so much fun to create! Please have a look at her […]

New Marita Winters Reborn Doll Kit

The sweet Ava Noel Doll Kit©2019 by Marita Winters will be out soon. She will be in stock early September and we can not wait. The babies that will be created using this sculpt will be so cute. limited edition of 650 kits worldwide. The Down-Payment price to reserve a kit is only $20 USD […]

Prototype Artist Contest From Enchanted Kreature Kits

Prototype artist

Enchanted Kreature Kits have given all artist this great opportunity to make a prototype doll. Taking to social media they annouced this. “Prototype contest!!! Ready set go!! Please read this a few times to be sure you understand everything required! Hey y’all! I have a new prototype contest I’m kicking off today. It runs through […]

Beautiful Laura Tuzio Ross Reborn Kit

This beautiful new reborn kit from Laura Tuzio Ross is available for pre-order. I really love how this darling looks in the prototypes Introducing my new sleeping vinyl kit “SaRyah” Preorders will begin July 17th and end August 1st. Limited edition of 1000 with a release date in late August. SaRyah’s 5 piece kit will […]

Reborn Kisses Online Silicone Painting Class

If you have ever considered painting a silicone baby but been unsure where to start, then this Online Silicone painting class could be just what you need. This course has been put together by Reborn Kisses Art School. Silicone 101 course Only $699.00, supplies sent to you. Complete package includes: Annual Course Membership All Course […]

Save 5% On The Stanley Oliver Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

This reborn kit has to be one that so many people have been looking forward to coming out. Stanley Oliver Sculpted by Vincenzina Care of Chenza Dolls Measuring 19 inches long when complete, he is a lovely newborn size With full limbs he is really great to dress in any outfit. The cloth body required […]

Pre-order Frida By Lorraine Yophi

Lorraine Yophi

This adorable Lorraine Yophi reborn kit will soon be available to pre-order. This baby was brought to life by Laura Cosentino. “Frida Prototye by Lorraine Yophi. Thank you so much dear Lorraine, she absolutely perfect. Love her! ❤️ Preorder Kit starts Thursday, 25th July, 2019. Coming soon on http://yophibabies.com/vinyl_kits My Prototype Frida will be on […]

Serenity Smiths Paints Her First Silicone


When you think of painting a silicone baby the thought can be very daunting. But that hasn’t put off Serenity Smith who has painted her very first baby. “Please welcome my first silicone I’ve painted! I love her and all her flaws it was a great experience. Baby Serena sculpted by Christina Vassill Whiting” I […]

ID&TS 2020 Dragon Painting Class

This rare Laurie Sullivan Roy dragon painting class can only take place at ID&TS 2020 if we all support it. The chance to paint these sweet dragons may not come again, so register your interest now. “Want to paint baby dragons with me ?? I will be sculpting – molding and casting a brand new […]

Theo By Irina Kaplanskaya Reborn Scuplt

The beautiful Theo By Irina Kaplanskaya reborn sculpt is available to pre-order. The length of a baby completed using this reborn kit is 19 inches. With full limbs your baby can dress in any clothing and still maintain its realism. As Theo is a sleeping baby you will not need any eyes to complete your […]

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