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Becoming A Doll Artist To Make Quick Money


With the reborn community growing fast it seems that there is a new doll artist each day. Many of us have seen those babies that sell for thousands and think to ourselves if only. But does that mean that just anyone can sell for that price? Do people really think that they can just pick […]

Tavie By Melody Hess Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

The TAVIE reborn kit by Melody Hess is now available for pre order from Truborns now. The Pre order price for this kit is $30.00. TAVIE When complete a baby made from this kit will measure around 20 inches long. With full limbs any baby created from this kit will be perfect for dressing in […]

Realborn Patience Awake Ready To Order


This lovely realborn Patience awake reborn doll kit is now available to order Realborn® Patience Awake (21″ Reborn Doll Kit) Patience is our first Realborn with Down Syndrome. She was captured at the adorable age of 2 months old! Patience has full arms and legs, making her ideal for dressing. When you purchase this kit […]

Cheeky June Awake Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

Reborn kits for babies always look so amazing when painted with love and care. This stunning June awake is no different. Created to capture this adorable sweetheart in realborn so her beauty shines through. This angel looks like a cheeky baby. Real baby June is the daughter of Ann, event coordinator for the ROSE International […]

Supporting Upcoming Artists


Have you ever started out on something brand new, that even though you loved it, the idea of if scared you a little? Well that is the case with new artists. Making your very first baby is a huge thing, and sharing that baby with others from the community can be a very nerve racking […]

Dream Reborn Doll Kit For Pre-Order

Reborn doll kit

This Dream reborn doll kit is currently available to pre-order. Sculpted by the talented Elizabeth Townsley you are sure to love her. A completed baby from this kit is roughly 19-19.5 inches. She has FULL legs which makes dressing her in a dress super cute and she has 3/4 arms. The cloth body required to […]

Beginners Air Dry Paint At Rose 2019

Rose doll show 2019

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint reborns but been put off by the cost of it all and the thought of putting a baby in your oven? Well how about if I told you that you can. With Elisabetta Monaris Air Dry beginners class at Rose 2019. This class is one not […]

Ossie By Priscilla Lopes Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

The sweet OSSIE by Priscilla Lopes reborn kit will soon be available to pre order from Truborns. A completed baby made from the Ossie reborn sculpt is a perfect newborn size at 19 inches. With full limbs it is so easy to dress him in any outfit and still maintain his realism. As Ossie is […]

Trouble By Nikki Johnston Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

The Trouble by Nikki Johnston reborn kit will be available to order at the end of April. Isn’t this just the sweetest sculpt. She has the most adorable little face. I can not wait to see the prototypes of this darling. Orders are open April 27th. The full length of a baby completed by this […]

Adorable Reborn Kit Coming Soon

Reborn kit

The ZOELLE by Talita Pinheiro reborn kit will soon be available to pre order. Doesnt this sculpt make the sweetest baby? The full length of a completed baby from this kit is 17 inches With full limbs dressing this sweetheart couldn’t be easier, with all outfits maintaining the realism. As Zoelle is a closed eyes […]

Reborn Kit Coming Soon To Truborn

Reborn kit

This adorable reborn kit will be available for pre order soon on Truborn. The BAYLOR by Dawn McCleod reborn sculpt is going to make for one really cute completed baby. The expression on this babies face is so sweet and will make for a really realistic baby. It is always an exciting time when new […]

Pre-order Sweet Baby Leo Reborn Kit

Reborn kit

The sweet baby Leo reborn kit is now open to pre-orders. Make sure you do not miss your chance to secure yours. This kits sculptor is the super talented SABINE ALTENKIRCH. With a length of 20″ inches when complete, Leo makes an perfect sized baby. The full limbs makes dressing any baby created from this […]

Pre Order The Beautiful Margot Sculpt


You can always trust Truborns to offer you some of the most adorable sculpt options. MARGOT By CASSIE BRACE is no exception. Currently available to pre order this kit will make an incredible baby. At a completed length of approximately 25-26 inches, this sweetie is a cute sized toddler. Having full limbs is an asset […]

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