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Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Princess Pinkie Pie's Palace and The Magical Realm Of Fantasy Dolls

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WIP Fantasy Prototype Doll Update

Butterfly Wishes Reborns artist Kimberly Ingham is truly loving her experience of bringing this fantasy prototype to life. As promised here is the next part of the reborning process for you all. Kimberly is now onto to rooting this little one. Knowing how good Kimberly is at that, I can not wait to see this […]

Preemie Reborn Kit Coming Spring 2021

When I saw this sweet preemie reborn kit I knew I just had to share her with you all. Although there is still some time before she will be available, doesn’t mean that we won’t get excited about her now. Created by Maria Winters, Sunny Delight is sure to be a huge success. Maritas babies […]

Work In Progress Prototype Artist

Being a prototype artist is such an honour. So it is no surprise that Butterfly Kisses Reborns artist Kimberly Ingham is so happy. As promised I have brought you an update of the Cindy Musgrove Lei Luna. This beautiful doll has been produced by Sarah Mellman of Enchanted Krearures Kits. “My prototype baby #1 is […]

Very Limited Edition Calix Kit Now Half Price

The Calix by Michelle Fagan is a very limited edition kit, so you will want to take advantage of this half-price offer from Truborns. This baby has the sweetest expression. With his little screwed up forehead, really gives him the most unique feature. BLANK VINYL KIT now half-price Sculpted by Michelle Fagan When complete this […]

Prototype Contest Extended, Enter Now.

This wonderful prototype contest has been extended. Have you ever wanted to be a prototype artist? For many artists, this is a highlight in their career. So it is wonderful that Dawn Murray Mcleod has created this fun contest to allow one person to fulfill this. “IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT AUGUST KITS AND PROTOTYPE CONTEST: First, […]

When Yoda Becomes An Avatar

Being a member of this community allows us to see the amazing vision that the artistic members of the community have. So I just had to share this super fun but beautifully painted work in progress baby Yoda from Kimberly Ingham. This Yoda is having a wonderful transformation into a Yoda Avator. Kimberly paints really […]

Early Pre-order For First Dwarf Reborn Kit

It is exciting news in the community that the first dwarf reborn kit is available for pre-order. NINO by Vincenzina Care is a long awaited reborn kit, and one that many in the community have been looking forward to. SPECIAL EARLY PRE-ORDER EDITION! GET YOUR KIT FIRST! Available here exclusively!!! The regular edition of Nino […]

Prototype Opportunity For Fantastic Artist

All artists want to have a chance to work on a prototype doll. And for the talented Kimberly Ingham of Butterfly Wishes Reborn, that time has come. Kimberly’s work is always spectacular. If you haven’t seen her work before, then you should have a look at her Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1852355878310636 “Picture for attention! 🥰 Mountains […]

Prototype Opportunity With Truborns

All artists want the chance to be a prototype artist. Now thanks to Truborns you may be one step closer to that dream. “TRU BORN CUSTOMERS Prototype opportunity!!! We are giving one of our amazing customers an opportunity to make a prototype of a coming kit!! PLEASE post ONE picture of your most recent work […]

Win A Truborns Prototype Opportunity

If you are an artist that is hoping to one day get the opportunity to be a prototype artist then now could be your time. Truborns is offering the winner of the Winter Doll Show advanced reborn painting contest the prize of painting a prototype of a new kit. This is an opportunity that so […]

Laura Tazio Ross Warren Reborn Kits Arrive

Reborn kits finally reach destination. A box full of heads never looked so good. If you had been waiting for a sign that things were starting to get back to normal then could this be it? The much awaited Warren reborn kits from Laura Tuzio Ross have arrived. “Warren Kits have arrived!!! Yay!!! If you […]

Cayle Reborn Kit Ready For Pre-order

The CAYLE reborn kit by Olga Auer is now ready for pre-orders. This sweet sculpt makes truly special babies. Sculpted by the amazing OLGA AUER this sweet baby is everything that you would expect from such a talented artist. With this kit you are purchasing a Blank vinyl kit. When completed, a doll made from […]

Truborns Reborn Kit Giveaway

Fantastic chance to be part of a reborn kit giveaway. It seems to be the season of giving within the community and it is so generous of everyone. Truborns are offering an amazing kit giveaway each month. This is such a generous offer from Truborns, entering is easy, all you have to do is purchase […]

Sneak Peek Of Upcoming Reborn Kit

This precious baby will soon become a reborn kit. Truborn has shared this sweet sneak peek with us thanks to a mix up in the factory. But that face just makes me smile. “In asking for the pics of Nino, the factory sent me pics of Hani and Tito by AK Kitagawa instead. So here […]

Make Your Own Reborn Baby With Truborns

During your time spent indoors why not try bringing your own reborn baby to life. Thanks to Bobbi Barfoot of Truborns you can get this starter kit sent straight to you. I am eager to see all of those extra babies that will be made due to being at home more. “Starter paint sets for […]

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