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Rebuilding Your Reborn Baby Bond

reborn baby

Owning a Reborn baby is great But what do you do when the bond you once had with your baby dims. I have had this happen to me a few times. When it does I end up feeling like a bad “reborn parent”. In truth going through this is normal. With life being so busy […]

Don’t Let The Bullies Get You Down


I have heard countless stories from within the reborn community about people being bullied. Both from members within the community itself and also people out of it. I am no stranger to the name calling and men words. Having been told previously that I do not belong in the doll world. But do you know […]

Still Moments Nursery Baby Update.

still moments nursery

As always I am sharing with you all updates and news about my sweet Still Moments Nursery Baby who is being made. I have been so happy with the level of communication from Nikki. Updates of every step my little chap has taken along the reborning journey has been shared with me. He is so […]

Celebrate Christmas With The Reborn Community

I wanted to share a collection if videos with you all showing how the reborn community celebrates the festive season. Personally I love Christmas, I look forward to it every year. I find it exciting to see how everyone with the reborn community interacts with their babies over this time. I hope you enjoy these […]

Happy Reborn Festive Season


Happy Reborn Festive Season To You All! We have reached the December and can say that we are in the month of Christmas. How exciting is that… So I wanted to take this minute to wish you all a happy festive period from our nursery to you. I can not wait to see all the […]

Christmas Giveaway Round Up So Far

christmas giveaway

Now that we have entered December I wanted to remind you of all the information that has already been released about the ourlifewithreborns giveaway. Firsty let me say this time it will not be for a reborn. It will be for a some kind of reborn accessory. I will shop for it so that it […]

Still Moments Nursery Baby Update

still moments nursery

It is getting exciting now as my new baby from Still Moments Nursery is almost ready. As I said before regular updates will be given about the new baby that will soon be joining my nursery. With the painting of the skin now complete, it leaves only hair, assembly, dressing and Shipping. This little man […]

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