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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Comfort During Troubled Times

Collecting dolls, to some people can be seen as strange But to those that know, it is safe to say that they bring peace and comfort to us. This can be in any method that you collect or create. Even artists find peace with the dolls. I know that my own time recently has been […]

Silicone Babies Are Not For Everyone

Silicone Babies

If you collect dolls and have wanted to save to get a silicone doll then that is great. I owned a silicone once and loved her. As we all know owning a silicone doll does take more looking after than the vinyl dolls. But they can be more realistic. Many collectors would love to own […]

A Varied Reborn Doll Collection

For any collector, there is nothing greater than getting a new addition to your reborn doll or silicone doll collection. And this got me wondering how many of us have a varied collection. How many of us have different textures, skin tone, material? Do you favour one look for a doll over another or do […]

Reborn Artists, A Flooded Market?

Reborn artists

Are there now too many reborn artists within the community? Before I start let me just say that this is only an opinion and does not mean that it is or is not what I personally think. It is merely something that I have seen time and time again online and wanted to address. The […]

Unending Doll Wishlists

When you first become aware of this art form it may be just one doll sculpt that gets your attention. But the more time you spend, the longer the list of kits that you just want to have. From a personal view, I know my own doll wishlist just gets longer and longer each year. […]

The Joy Of A Doll Box Opening

As many of you know, I love a good doll box opening. The joy of opening the box and seeing things nicely wrapped up is very exciting. It is like Christmas each time. So is it any wonder that we really look forward to them. When ever I get a new doll my daughter always […]

Giving Dolls A Personality


Buying new dolls is a lot of fun as we all know. With the joy of that comes the joy of discovering your dolls personality. When ever I get a new doll, I often like to sort a selection of clothes that I feel is for them. And from this it can grow into a […]

The Hard Life Of A Doll Artist

To many of us being a doll artist sounds like a fantastic way to make a living, but the reality is a lot harder than that. The hours upon hours of painstaking work are almost equal to the hours that are spent with people wasting your time and not buying your doll after you have […]

Fantasy Calendar Front Cover

I am so excited to share with you all that I am putting together a Fantasy Doll Artist Calendar which is going to be so much fun. Talented artist Kathy Dodson of Bearysweethearts Creative Cradle is going to be the star of the front cover of the calendar. Her work is really awesome, the dolls […]

Our New Still Moments Nursery Baby

As many of you may know we were waiting for a new baby from Still Moment’s Nursery. I will not spend too much time talking about why we got this baby, but I have to say that it both surprised and pleased us. This little baby arrived a few months ago but we had to […]

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