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Is The Reborn Community Doomed To Split?

reborn community

There was once a time when the reborn community was an all-inclusive fun place to be. Gradually this has changed, no it is a place of putting one another down, stealing and scamming. All this morning I have been downhearted whilst looking online. I was scrolling through eBay and all I saw were babies classed […]

Safety Among The Reborn Community

reborn community

The reborn community has seen a large change in the last few years. Not all of these changes have been good, so it is vital that we all learn how to remain safe whilst online. This is easier said than done for a large part. With so many lies and people with bad intent out […]

2019 Doll Show Excitement Builds

doll show

Now that we are well into the new year the excitement for this years various Doll Show are building. There are more shows worldwide than I thought when I entered this hobby. What a year it would be if someone could attend all the shows in one year. It would be a fun year thats […]

Valentines Day And Your Babies

When I welcomed my first reborn baby, I believed that I would celebrate every holiday and season with them. Now several years down the line I see that it hasn’t happened. All the great ideas I had and plans to accesorise the nursery and dress the babies at these times did not materialize. Which got […]

Reborn Baby Prize Draw

As I said yesterday I will be doing a few Prize draws to win a couple of my babies. All proceeds made from these draws will go towards the care and saving of animals in need. This is all part of my fundraiser, to allow me to open up a shelter for these fur babies […]

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