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Rose Doll Show Sellers Unfairly Targeted

Rose doll show

We all love the Rose Doll Show right? So then why are people now making it just another place to try and insert mistrust of one another. Isn’t there enough of that going on everywhere else? Rose is a special place, one where it should only be about family and respect for each other. So […]

Are Baby Artists Protected Enough?


Our baby artists are the heart of this community. Without them where would we be? There would be no dolls to look at, no collection to have. But yet they are not always treated as they should be. With many people wanting their dolls at next to no cost we will loss our artists. Why […]

Reborn Blog 1st October

Reborn blog

Reborn blog 1st October. Can you believe we are in October now? It seems this year is flying past. Due to the weather changing and in preparation for the snow which will come within the next few weeks I have had to move my room. So I am now downstairs in my house to try […]

Do You Have A Dream Baby Artist?


With so many people talking about dream kits, I started to wonder if anyone apart from me had dream baby artists? I use the word baby in place of reborn as I wanted to also include Silicone baby artists. I know I have several artists that it would be a dream to own babies from. […]

Protecting The Babies From The Cold

With winter approaching fast, it is now vital that I begin protecting my reborn babies from the cold weather. And when I say cold, where I am I mean cold. It gets to -25/-30 here. So making sure the babies have layers and a blanket is very important. Being exposed to the cold can damage […]

Reborns Are For Men Also


Reborns are not just a hobby that women enjoy. Men are also loving these babies. It is wrong to label this a female hobby as men make the most fantastic reborn daddies. It is so sweet to see men with their babies as it shows the strength of their maternal instinct. Sometimes men are given […]

Ebay Best For Reborn Baby Sales?

Reborn baby sales

Is Ebay really still the best place for reborn baby sales? Do you think that the charges are too high? Are the protections they have in place enough for you or should there be better rules in place? These are just a few of the questions that I have been wondering about recently. Ebay has […]

Reborns From Around The World


How many of you have reborns that you have purchased from a different country from your own. Personally I have babies from several countries. UK, USA, Canada and one more that I just can’t remember. Do you think that having a reborn made from a different country adds something extra to your baby? I love […]

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