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Unique Accessories For All Reborn Lovers.

Reborn lovers love all things baby. So these super cute baby keyrings are sure to be sort after. Made by a Maltas only reborn artist Jennifer Hubber. These sweet keyrings are super soft and fluffy. They would look perfect keeping your keys safe or attached to your handbag. If you wanted to ask any more […]

Still Moments Nursery Baby So Close

Don’t you just love that feeling when you get a knock at the door, when you open it the postman is there holding a parcel. This is something that I am looking forward to in the near future. After making a long journey from Australia to UK, my new little baby is currently safe at […]

Still Moments Nursery Baby Update

This will be some of my last updates to my Still Moments Nursery baby getting to me. Do you know why?? It’s because he will be delivered any day now. I am super excited and can not wait for him to arrive safely at home. He was certainly an unexpected baby, but one that I […]

Can Anyone Become A Reborn Artist?

Anyone who has ever considered becoming a reborn artist knowns just how daunting the idea is of picking up that first paintbrush. The first brush stroke can be a complete mix of excitement and nerves. Now although we would all love to be a natural and to have top class work flowing from the ends […]

£3000 Being Asked For BabyClon Doll

I was recently looking through ebay at the babies for sale when I came across this one. An Avatar Baby clon doll being sold for £3000. I could not believe the price being asked. How could anyone pay this amount for a baby from them. We all know Babyclon have and continue to steal kits. […]

Reborns To Help With Insomnia


Reborns are a great source of comfort as anyone who has ever held one knows. One way that a reborn can help us in our everyday life is for those of you that suffer with insomnia. It can be so soothing to be able to sit and cuddle a baby while you are unable to […]

2018 Within The Reborn Community

“018 within the Reborn community This year seems to have just flown by. I was wondering what this year has brought to you within the community. For me it has been a mixed year, saying bye to a lot of my dolls. But also welcoming a couple of new babies. At the same time I […]

Special Christmas Day Reborn Baby Outfit

reborn baby

With Christmas Day approaching fast it made me wonder how many people within the reborn community buy a new outfit for their reborn baby. Personally I would love to be able to buy new outfits for my babies evey Christmas, until I had a really nice collection of outifts. Dressing your babies for the Christmas […]

Still Moments Nursery Baby Update

We are close to getting to the end of the Still Moments Nursery updates. I am happy to say that the sweet baby is now completed and can now be revealed. I am so happy to be able to say that my Still Moments Nursery baby is completed. He looks so cute in his pictures […]

Dark Colours On The Babies


There has been many times when I have been worried about putting dark colours on my reborn babies. I am fearfull that the colour will rub off on the vinyl or silicone and stain the baby. Thankfully to date this has not happened to me, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t heard of times […]

Collections Of Collections


I can not be the only person who’s reborn collection has morphed to become so many collections of different things all in one. I have ended up wanting to have a collection of diapers as well. If I am honest I love the Honest diapers. The designs on them are so nice. So I would […]

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