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Should You Get Insurance For Your Dolls?


When you own things of value it is common to get insurance out on them. These dolls are no different. With dolls costing the same as some household appliances it would make sense to protect them. Some dolls even cost 1000s. What you wouldn’t want to happen is for there to be an emergency and […]

Missing My Old Reborn Doll Collection


Have you ever sold a doll and regretted it after? Well I have to say that sometimes you don’t know how much selling one of your babies will affect you. I spent some time today sorting out my photos on my phone, whilst doing this it made me realise just how much I miss having […]

Quantity Verses Quality In Doll Market


The doll community, and in this instance I am refering to both silicone and reborn babies, has seen an increase in doll artists and people having a go. This is of course great, the community growing is always fantastic news. But it does make me wonder how many people are in it for the love […]

Changes To How We Interact With Dolls.


I don’t know about you, but when I first got into this hobby I spent all my time with my dolls. I took them out sometimes with my daughter, we did videos on dressing them, on taking them for walks, on night routines and feeding them. Generally all the things that are done when role […]

Can Doll Role Play Be Taken Too Far?

Doll role play

With doll role play being a big part for some people joining this community it made me think if it can go too far. I have been a part of the reborn or doll community for several years now and have seen so many different types of role play. Some just simple basic role play […]

Not Enough Men In The Reborn Community

Reborn doll

Our reborn community used to pride itself on the diversity of people in it. In the all included attitude that was taken. But now it seems that may have changed a little. I have been looking at all the members of my group and all the demographics that I have and it seems that over […]

Reborns As A Form Of Recovery.


At one point in all of our lives we have been ill with one thing or another no matter how serious it was, and what better way to recover than with hours of reborns cuddles. With the babies being so cute and soothing, it is so easy to see why we can turn to them […]

Supporting Upcoming Artists


Have you ever started out on something brand new, that even though you loved it, the idea of if scared you a little? Well that is the case with new artists. Making your very first baby is a huge thing, and sharing that baby with others from the community can be a very nerve racking […]

Keeping Your Reborn Life Secret.


During my years within the reborn community I have experienced many things and spoken with many people. One of the most common things that I have seen is people keeping their reborns a secret. Heck even my own daughter doesn’t want her friends to know about the reborn babies that she has or her Youtube […]

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