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Covids Big Impact On The Community

This morning I was sitting and thinking back to two years ago, and it really hit me just how big an impact Covid has had on our community. Two years ago there was no concerns on whether we could attend a doll show. We had a postal service that was more reliable. During the last […]

So Excited: Reborn Expecting

I am so excited, we are reborn expecting. This is a post I have been wanting to share for so long. And finally I now can. Here at Ourlifewithreborns as you know we love dolls. Our once large collection of dolls went down a lot a few years ago as personal circumstances meant I had […]

Happy Valentines Day From Us All

We wanted to take a minute today to say Happy Valentines Day to you all. This community is sometimes a place where we see more hate than goodness. So for today lets stop being keyboard warriors, stop trying to get back at someone. Stop thinking negative thoughts, stop scamming, stop stealing and in general stop […]

Payment Plans And Christmas

This Christmas we would all no doubt love a new doll. After all we always want to add a new baby to our collection. But as much as we all wish for a new doll, we have to show a little caution. It would be so easy to enter into a payment plan with an […]

New Our Life With Reborns Youtube Video

Our Life with reborns new youtube video is now live. With the run up to Christmas, we decided to continue getting our babies dressed. Today was the turn of Darcy, who was made by Elisabettas babies. She got changed into a pretty onesie with Christmas trees and bunnies on. To match it we added a […]

Doll Collections, When Is It Enough?

There has been an increase in the number of kits coming out recently. Which has of course meant more dolls being added to peoples collection. It got me wondering, is there a stage that it becomes enough in a collection. Personally I feel that a collection can never be too big. But I know that […]

Pets With Your Dolls

Cute is definitely a word that comes to mind when you think of these dolls. But one thing that often splits the community is the subject of pets with your dolls. Now I fully respect that everyone is going to have their own views on this and I genuinely can see both points of view. […]

Dolls That Stand The Test Of Time

Dolls are something that many of us love to own and get a lot of enjoyment from. Which is something that anyone in this community understands. Many things in life seem like they are just a phrase, and with lots of people, dolls can be just that. Something that they play with as children but […]

My Current Reborn Doll Collection

As much as I love this hobby, my own reborn doll collection tends to change over the years. At one stage I owned over 30 dolls. Now I own far less than that. Factors over the years have changed that, and it is fair to say that yes I do miss the dolls I have […]

New Additions To My Nursery

I just had to share these new additions to my nursery. Now I know some of you would have been expecting dolls, but these were things that I managed to get first. The biggest bonus about these items is that they were both free. I think they are really awesome. The fact that they were […]

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