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Silicone Hair Rooting Tips

Did you know that there is a difference between silicone hair rooting and reborn hair rooting? For a start, you are unable to glue the hair inside, thus making it more delicate. Also, of course, the material you are using are two very different materials. It is easy to think, ‘ I can root vinyl […]

Nlovewithreborns2011 Shares Reborning Tips


When learning how to paint reborns it is always advisable to turn to those experts that know. So I wanted to share with you all some tips and tricks that I have found from Stephanie Ortiz, AKA Nlovewithreborns2011. I have been a fan of Stephanie’s work for some time now, falling in love with various […]

Realborn® Johannah Sleeping Reborn Kit

reborn kit

This delicate Realborn® Johannah Sleeping reborn sculpt makes a super realistic baby when complete. Realborn® Johannah Sleeping (19″ Reborn Doll Kit) This gorgeous kit is available to buy and bring to life. With full arms and legs, this little princess is perfect to dress in any outfit. When you buy this kit it comes unpainted […]

Adorable Lovelyn Reborn Doll Sculpt.

reborn doll sculpt

The stunning Lovelyn reborn doll sculpt is available for pre-order. Sculpted by the amazing talents of Sheila Mrofka. The full length of a completed baby made from this sculpt is 17″ inches. Having full limbs makes this little darling idea for dressing. As Lovelyn is an awake baby you will need to purchase a set […]

Fabulous New Fantasy Reborn Baby Eyes

Thanks to the very talented skills of Jodie Lombardo, I can share with you these fabulous fantasy reborn baby eyes. These eyes really are sensational. They are so pretty, which I know is a weird thing to say about eyes, but they really are. I can imagine these eyes on either a fantasy animal doll […]

Creating the perfect reborn baby.

When you decide to bring a reborn baby to life, how does that process work for you? Do you have it all planned out in your head before you start? Or do you just go where the creation takes you, allowing your creative side to flow? If you have to order products in the complete […]

First Realborn® Down Syndrome Baby Kit

The reborn community can now welcome the first Realborn® Down Syndrome Baby Kit. This little sweetheart is going to be a superb addition to any nursery. Realborn® Patience Awake (21″ Reborn Doll Kit) Patience is our first Realborn with Down Syndrome. She was captured at the adorable age of 2 months old! Patience has full […]

Pierson Reborn Kit Coming Soon

Prototype reborn kit

This cute Pierson reborn kit will be available to buy soon via Truborns. Made in vinyl ny Cassia Robini Pimenta, the babies created from this kit will be so sweet. I love to see just how realistic artists can make the dolls they create. This kit sculpt has been made to encapture all the adorable […]

Planning Begins For Kansas Doll Show 2020

kansas doll show

Although this years Kansas Doll Show has not even started yet, that hasn’t stopped the host Jenny Raymond from starting plans for the 2020 show. As a start Jenny has created a poll on the Kansas Doll Show Facebook page to find out if people would be interesed in a six day sculpting class. The […]

Sweet Wendy Reborn Doll Kit

These adorable reborn doll kits just keep coming don’t they. And this new one is no exception. The Wendy 18″ inch Reborn Doll Kit, makes a realistic baby once completed. This kit has full arms and legs making a baby created from this kit perfect to dress. When you buy this kit it comes unpainted […]

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