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Category: Doll Sculpts

Breath Taking Prototype Reborn Baby

This breath taking prototype reborn baby is so adorable. Brought to life by Jade Lucia, this darling is so sweet. This kit is going to be really popular due to her lovely features. I will be looking forward to seeing all the versions of this darling on my newsfeed. I couldn’t resist sharing this darling […]

WIP Of Gorgeous Toddler Reborn Doll

This picture of a work in progress reborn toddler baby painted by Linda Hill is stealing hearts. She is so incredible on every detail and feature. “New Prototype Coming Soon! Lovely Lyra by Ping Lau is almost ready for her photo shoot! Lyra is a 9 month baby with upper torso and full limbs.” Ping […]

New Limited Edition Silicone Baby

This darling new limited edition silicone doll by Dawn Murray McLeod is going to be sought after. What a little treasure he is already. He is sure to steal so many hearts. “I would like to introduce Dublin! He is a 16″ full body baby that will be available as a limited edition silicone 🌸 […]

Whimsical New Silicone Doll Sculpt

Virginia Comish has shared photos of this new whimsical silicone doll sculpt that she has made. It is a perfect addition as a fantasy doll and yet has the sweetest features. Her dolls are really incredible. She puts so much care and time into them that you can not help but adore them. This precious […]

Cute Prototype Vinyl Sculpt

Pictures of this sweet prototype vinyl sculpt by Bonnie Sieben has been shared on social media. I can not wait to see the completed babies from this sculpt. With this cute expression and open eyed wonder look little Matilda will be a fantastic addition to any collection. “Just had to share a sneak peek of […]

Fantasy Doll Prototype Opportunity

Debbie Moore is offering artists the chance to be a prototype artist for her sweet fantasy doll. It is always fun for an artist to have their abilities challenged with a new type of doll to paint. The regular newborns and fantasy doll painting requires different skills and vision. I look forward to seeing this […]

Pre-Order Open For Two Adorable New Kits

Truborns, has opened the pre-order for two wonderful new kits. These two darlings are simply adorable. There is no way you could not love them. “2 ADORABLE new kits by Dawn Donofrio! INDIGO and WESTON. Both available to pre-order now. Get yours at: https://www.truborns.com/collections/pre-order-kits/products/weston-by-dawn-donofrio and https://www.truborns.com/collections/pre-order-kits/products/indigo-by-dawn-donofrio ” With one being a sleeping baby and one […]

Fantastic Prototype Opportunity

Truborns are once again offering all artists this wonderful prototype opportunity. It is a dream of any artist to have this chance to paint their own prototype. So I wish every artist entering the best of luck. “YAY!!!!! ANOTHER WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!!! Please post 2 pictures of your most recent work here to be considered. I […]

Pre-Order For The Wonderful New Doll Kit

Pr-orders for the wonderful new Tommaso doll kit by Truborns are now open. This kit is really so adorable. I love all the details and features that you would love to see in a doll. Truborns dolls are always of the best quality at a reasonable price. “Tommaso by Francesca Figa is open for pre-order […]

Sad News For Soon To Be Released Kits

Truborns is among the producers of the kits you love to share this sad news with the community about the kits that were soon to be released. “ANNOUNCEMENT: Myself and other sculptors and producers have received some sad news from the factory. Manufacturing will be shut down from now through August due to a shortage […]

Precious New Silicone Doll Sculpt

This precious new silicone doll sculpt from sculptor Kristin Englert is ready to be sent to her prototype artist to be brought to life. Each little feature on this darling is perfect. Once complete this amazing sculpt is going to make a baby that everyone is sure to want to welcome into their own collection. […]

Pre-Orders For This Stunning Sculpt

The pre-orders for this stunning doll sculpt opens soon. Reborned by the very talented Symara Feitosa we all can not help but love this darling. This darling Serena is going to steal so many hearts. Whoever is lucky enough to welcome her home will cherish her forever. “Prototype Serena by the amazing talented sculptor Taynan […]

A Sculptors View On Counterfeit Kit

Sculptor Olga Auer has shared her thoughts on counterfeit kits with us all. “I hope you take your time to read this post. It’s not easy for me to write this post, because I’m full of negative emotions. I’m stunned, I’m angry, I’m sad. I see our market broken in the near future. Thanks to […]

Ping Lau Wins A Diamond Award For Rosalie

The super talented sculptor Ping Lau has won a Diamond Award for her gorgeous Rosalie sculpt. This adorable baby is certainly a winner as she has the most amazing features. Rosalie has so many features that we all love and adore so it was only a matter of time before she had an award for […]

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