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Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Ana Mendez

Category: Doll Sculpts

2nd Edition Harper Kits Coming Soon

Darling Harper was one of the most popular kits around for a while. And with many people turning to counterfeit versions of her to be able to say they own one, the sculptor has decided to release a 2nd edition. Orders for her can be placed through the wonderful Fairytales reborn nursery. “Anyone looking for […]

First Doll Sculpt For Upcoming Sculptor

Sculpting a new doll is always a daunting time. No more so then when it is your first ever sculpt. No doubt you always doubt what you have done, and find flaws where they may actually be none. Which is why I wanted to share this first sculpt from Ashten Bryant with you all. “Hi […]

Lovely New LLE Sculpt Coming Soon

This lovely new sculpt from Laura Lee Eagles is going to be coming this year and we are so excited. All Lauras dolls are so well sculpted that she manages to capture all the wonderful details you would hope for. So introducing little baby Quinbee. “Quinbee 🐝 💛” How can you not fall in love […]

Beautiful WIP Doll From UK Artist

Doll artist Ruth Annette from Precious Dreams has shared a lovely picture of this WIP or work on progress doll that she is currently making. I love Ruths work, her babies are always painted so nicely making the finished baby very realistic. “Sneak peek of my work in progress of Gudrun Legler’s latest kit Kai […]

Precious Full Body Silicone Baby Doll

Susan Dizon is what I would consider as a super talent within the community, so when she shared this precious silicone doll sculpt I just fell in love. This darling is going to be a limited edition baby of a very small number made. Every single part of this baby is so perfect. I can […]

Clay Version Of Upcoming Doll Kit

Sculptor Lilly Gold has shared these wonderful pictures of a clay baby she has created. This baby will become a doll kit that many artists are going to want to buy. The features are so cute. Lilly has done an incredible job at creating this baby. I can almost envisage just how cute this amazing […]

Spectacular Sculpted Mini Baby

This spectacular sculpted mini baby by Jennifer Costello-Delcegno is simply gorgeous. I really love how this doll looks. It is so cute and makes an ideal handful that everyone is going to love. Without a doubt it is one that I would love to have in my own collection. Jennifer has done a great job […]

New Full Body Silicone Baby Boy

This beautiful new full body silicone baby boy is now all complete. Eva Brilli is one proud sculptor right now, and who can blame her. A lot of time, effort and love has gone into creating this doll. With many hours spent putting all the creases, cute limbs and facial expressions onto the sculpt. “Good […]

Inspiration Keeps Sculptor Going

Artist and sculptor Laeni Kiriona has shared some work in progress pictures with us all on social media and has confessed that at times it is inspiration that keeps her going. This little darling is shaping up to be really cute. Laeni is taking great care to capture every crease, wrinkle and overall detail that […]

Unknown Artists Wanted For Prototypes

Dawn McLeod is looking for some unknown artists to be a prototype artist for a future sculpt. And dont they have a wonderful kit to work with. Darling Zendric is so adorable that she makes a perfect blank canvas for them. “⚘ Let’s do this again! I hope you will join in on the fun […]

Sneak Peek Of LMS ID&TS 2021 Baby

As one of the ID&TS 2021 organisers Lorna Miller Sands is busy, busy,busy, but that didn’t stop her sharing this sweet sneak peek. This little head belongs to one of the three dolls that she is creating for the event. I am looking forward to seeing the baby once completed. “HI EVERYONE…. Been really hectic […]

New Sculpt Coming This Year

Jennifer Costello-Delcegno has been lovingly working on a sculpt and what she has shared so far we love. His chunky little face is so darling. He will obviously be a larger sized baby when complete, which means you have more baby to cuddle. And don’t we all love having more baby to cuddle. ““Jaxson”💙💙 Chunky […]

Two Beautiful Silicone Sculpts Coming Soon

These two full body silicone sweethearts from Maisa Said will be coming this year. The babies that Maisa makes are always spectacular. They have everything you would want from a sculptor. Attention to detail, quality and of course cuteness. They are always very popular when they become available. I always like to see one of […]

Truborns Looking For New Prototype Artists

Truborns is known for quality and good customer service. So it is exciting to share with you all the news that they are looking for new prototype artists. This could really be a dream come true for so many artists. Ways to enter are below. Make sure you are following their Facebook page. “Looking for […]

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