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ID&TS 2020 Young Artists Painting Class

ID&TS 2020

The ID&TS 2020 is going to be a show to remember no matter how old you are. With this truly amazing young artists reborn painting class your youngster can learn how to paint. The very talented Manouk Vermolen will be their teacher in this and will guide them through this amazing experience. This one day […]

Laurie Sullivan Roys Silicone Class Baby

Kansas Doll Show

Laurie Sullivan Roy has shared this beautiful baby that she has made for her Kansas Doll Show Silicone class baby. I am so excited to see the completed babies made from this sculpt. “This is Sunny Bunny — the 12 inch baby that our class will be painting ? So excited to see this happy […]

Australian Doll Show Ethnic Painting Class

Jade Lucia of Candy Lane Art Dolls is so pleased to share that she will be teaching an Ethnic painting class. This is going to be taking place during the South Australia Doll Show this October. Taking place in Adelaide on 10th and 11th of October this workshop will be so much fun. “I’m pleased […]

Cat Johnsons WIP For Kansas 2019

I wanted to share with you some of the WIP dolls from Cat Johnson for the Kansas 2019 show. The babies that Cat creates are really really adorable. “WIP silicone babies!!! Come visit at the Kansas doll show ?” The babies that she is making to take to the show are really really sweet. I […]

Australia Beginner Silicone Painting Class Update

Loved Much Silicones

Loved Much Silicones artist Laeni Kiriona has shared two super exciting updates about the Australia Beginner Silicone Painting Class with us in social media. I will let her explain it for you in her own words. “2 exciting Announcements – 1. the Beginner Silicone Painting Class for 2020 will be held in Adelaide at the […]

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