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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


With each Calendar purchase you also get a raffle ticket to win a free silicone head cuddle baby.


Preorder yours as soon as it opens.


International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

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Pre-Order For 2023 Doll Calendar Open

We are so excited to reveal that you can now pre-order your own copy of the 2023 International Doll Artist Calendar. Inside you will find the cutest babies each month by some very talented artists. Not only that but you also have the chance to win a silicone cuddle baby. Painted by one of our […]

Silicone Baby And Prizes Raffle

You will not want to miss out on your chance to be part of this raffle by Loved Much By Laeni Kiriona. Her work is always of a high quality so you know you will be winning something amazing. Below is a list of what the prizes are. You can enter by contacting Laeni on […]

Giveaway Baby For Ukraine

Wouldn’t you just love to welcome home this adorable baby and support Ukraine. This wonderful baby has been donated by Paqui Galan as a giveaway to support a wonderful cause. 🎁🎁Giveaway🎁🎁 “Hello to all, I can already make you participate in the initiative that I will start from this moment, since I have asked for […]

Free Silicone Doll Giveaway

This sweet limited edition silicone do from Jamie Lynn Powers could be yours in this free giveaway. Entry into this is so simple. Just head over to Jamies Facebook page and find the original post. The other instructions are listed below. “***ATTENTION- ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE LISTING*** 🌸This little silicone sweetie has been […]

Win A Realistic Free Reborn Baby

Who would like to win a free realistic reborn baby? It would be a dream for many collectors to own one of Olesya Vengers babies. During todays Online Rose Doll Show 2021 you have a chance to do so. “We are excited to share this exciting giveaway baby with you all! Adorable Emmy was reborn […]

Top Artist Free Giveaway Reborn Baby

During this years online Valencia Doll Expo you all have a chance to win a stunning Paqui Galan baby. Paqui is undoubtedly a top quality, high end artist. Her work is always incredible, creating some of the most realistic, lifelike babies. You will find it hard to believe that they are not real. So when […]

Reborn Baby Giveaway At Online Doll Show

This exceptional reborn cuddle baby is the prize of a giveaway at the upcoming online Valencia Doll Expo. “🤟🤟😁 DE NUEVO… INCREIBLE SORTEO GRATUÍTO ! 🤟🤟😁 Evon Nather no necesita presentación, una de las artistas que ha influenciado con su especial estilo a centenares de artistas reborn, no solo por su pintura en reborn, Evon […]

Levi Doll Kit Giveaway From Truborn

Truborn are offering you all the chance to win a free Levi kit in their giveaway. Who wouldn’t want a Levi kit in their collection. We really have Truborn to thank for a great start to 2021. In honor of Levi’s birthday and the appreciation and love I have for Bonnie Brown, sculpting him into […]

Wanting To Be Part Of A Doll Giveaway?

If you have been wanting to be part of a Doll Giveaway then this could be for you. “In The Doll World” is hosting a wonderful giveaway to celebrate its annual World of Black Celebration. There are some really amazing chances to win here, and entry is so simple. How to enter is listed below. […]

5 Days Left until Silicone Doll Giveaway

If you are wanting to be part of this full body silicone giveaway you have only 5 days left to enter into it. This amazing free doll is hosted by the very talented Lisa Sylvia. Her dolls are always so incredible. “6 days to go💗 Boopie GIVEAWAY!! Enter on @sylvia_manning_dolls post dated 5 January #siliconebaby” […]

Easy Entry Reborn Baby Giveaway

Come Meet Your Baby Nursery is hosting a reborn baby giveaway this month. The way to enter is so simple. You just have to like the page. That’s it. Couldn’t be an easier. “The free Reborn Baby giveaway date is February 28. If you have not yet entered all you need to do is hit […]

Pictures Of The Beautiful Giveaway Baby

More giveaway baby doll pictures from Sylvia Manning. This beautiful booboo baby is going to make someone very happy. The giveaway entrys end on Valentines day. To enter make sure you find the original giveaway post on 5th January on instagram. Sylvia is a very talented lady who is very well known within the dolly […]

Mini OOAK Clay Doll Giveaway

This sweet mini OOAK doll giveaway will be making its way to its a lucky winner soon. Entry into this giveaway is so easy. Just follow the simple steps below to have a chance to be able to call this sweetie yours. “GIVEAWAY!!!!! Who loves Jane Collingwood OOAK mini babies???? We are giving away this […]

New Reborn Vivia Kit Giveaway

Now that the Pre-orders of reborn kit Vivia have opened it is giveaway time. This prize is a blank Vivia kit which we all love. It is so exciting when a new kit gets released. “It’s that time again!!! Free Vivia kit giveaway! Be sure to LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE this original post to be […]

Another Generous Doll Kit Giveaway

Jamie Lynn Powers is hosting a giveaway which is very generous and one that everyone will want to be paet of. This is a chance to win one of the new Orlaith doll kits. These kits are so adorable and to be able to win a free one that you could either paint yourself or […]

Kindness Prize Draw From Susan Dizon

This prize draw is so worth sharing. Susan Dizon is so well known within the community that she does not need introducing. But she is once more showing what an incredibly kind person she is with her kindness prize draw. This raffle will focus on the good that is still within many of us and […]

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