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Rebuilding Your Reborn Baby Bond

reborn baby

Owning a Reborn baby is great But what do you do when the bond you once had with your baby dims. I have had this happen to me a few times. When it does I end up feeling like a bad “reborn parent”. In truth going through this is normal. With life being so busy […]

Celebrate Christmas With The Reborn Community

I wanted to share a collection if videos with you all showing how the reborn community celebrates the festive season. Personally I love Christmas, I look forward to it every year. I find it exciting to see how everyone with the reborn community interacts with their babies over this time. I hope you enjoy these […]

Random Sales At My Design Jorge

my design jorge

On the back of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, My Design Jorge has revealed that he will be doing random sales on select items. So as it suggest a random sale will be just that. It is only on selected, random items, not across his entire collection. You will know that it is a sale […]

Reborn Toddlers And Baby Food.

When it comes to roleplaying with your reborn toddler would you ever use real baby food? We did once and it was fun but a mess. The baby food got on the vinyl and paint around the lips which could, i suspect if not treated and cleaned correctly may have harmed the paint. Not just […]

Kansas Doll Show 2019 Sewing Class

Kansas 2019

What an amazing idea. Kansas Doll Show 2019 really will cater for all your dolly needs. With a class now scheduled for learning about sewing, making dolly outfits, sizing them right and so much more. With such a reasonable price it is a class that anyone will get benefit from. Giving everyone the chance to […]

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