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Valentines Day And Your Babies

When I welcomed my first reborn baby, I believed that I would celebrate every holiday and season with them. Now several years down the line I see that it hasn’t happened. All the great ideas I had and plans to accesorise the nursery and dress the babies at these times did not materialize. Which got […]

My Design Jorge Receiving Blankets

my design jorge

My Design Jorge has released his collection of receiving blankets for your reborn babies. If you are looking for affordable blankets for your babies you should have a look at what he has on offer. At a price of only $29.99 and free posting could you really ask for more? These blankets are all handmade […]

Special Christmas Day Reborn Baby Outfit

reborn baby

With Christmas Day approaching fast it made me wonder how many people within the reborn community buy a new outfit for their reborn baby. Personally I would love to be able to buy new outfits for my babies evey Christmas, until I had a really nice collection of outifts. Dressing your babies for the Christmas […]

Dark Colours On The Babies


There has been many times when I have been worried about putting dark colours on my reborn babies. I am fearfull that the colour will rub off on the vinyl or silicone and stain the baby. Thankfully to date this has not happened to me, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t heard of times […]

Collections Of Collections


I can not be the only person who’s reborn collection has morphed to become so many collections of different things all in one. I have ended up wanting to have a collection of diapers as well. If I am honest I love the Honest diapers. The designs on them are so nice. So I would […]

Collections Never Stop Growing.

It is a fact, that when you are a collector of reborn babies, that your collections never stops growing. With new sculpts coming out all the time, there is always another must have kit for your collection. Not to mention the different versions of babies, by this I mean the babies you see when browsing […]

Reborn Clothes Shopping In Sweden

Reborn clothes shopping in Sweden is really fun. So I told you the other day that I would share as much of my trip with you as I could. This starts with the reborn clothes here. I am waiting in a hotel overnight until my flight tomorrow. So I decided why not make the most […]

Three Reborn Babies Made It Home

Saying bye to Reborn babies is never easy. One of the most worrying times is whilst they are being shipped. So I was so relieved to get a message this morning to say that the parcel containing three reborn babies that I sold had made it home safe and sound. These three darlings had a […]

Planning For A New Reborn Baby

Silicone baby

Am I the only one who plans alot when they are expecting a new reborn baby into their nursery. I always want to get the new baby their own outfits, blankets, beds, bottles, pacis etc. I also like to try and decide on a theme for my baby. Although in all fairness that tends to […]

Rebuilding Your Reborn Baby Bond

reborn baby

Owning a Reborn baby is great But what do you do when the bond you once had with your baby dims. I have had this happen to me a few times. When it does I end up feeling like a bad “reborn parent”. In truth going through this is normal. With life being so busy […]

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