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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


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International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

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Mid Year Raffle For Susan Dizon Bassinet Bag

Susan Dizon is holding a mid-year raffle for one of her bassinet bags. These bags are always hugely popular so having one that is made and customed for doll sculptors, casters, artists, and kit suppliers The bags that are created are going to be so adorable, with everyone wanting to own one. “ATTENTION: SCULPTORS, CASTERS […]

Handmade Headbands You Are Sure To Love.

Get some beautiful handmade headbands for your dolls without breaking the bank. Pearly and Pretty Designs have released the first of their creations for this weekend. And boy are they pretty. I think their name really is perfect for them. Just in these alone you can really see just how varied the colour and styles […]

New Gorgeous Handmade Headbands

This weekend has seen Pearly and Pretty Designs list more gorgeous handmade headbands for sale. So much variety in colour and style, and I love them In fact I love them so much that I have ordered two of the styles myself. The headbands that are created by them are loved by many in the […]

Handmade Knitted Doll Accessories

Who wouldn’t love some of these lovely handmade doll accessories by Alyson Johnson? They are so sweet. It must take a lot of work and skill to get them looking as good as this. There has been a lovely use of colour and variety to allow any collection to find something that would work for […]

Mini Auction By Butterfly Reborn Nursery

This week you have the chance to be part of a really fun auction. Butterfly Reborn Nursery artist Michelle Manning is hosting this auction and I have already seen a selection of the items for sale. I can confess that I am myself bidding on at least one. The range of clothing currently available is […]

Pearly And Pretty Designs Headband Sale

If you are looking for a bespoke and gorgeous handmade headband then Pearly and Pretty Designs are the place to go. They have a large variety of beautiful headbands. So much choice of colour and style that you will not be able to help but love them. “Hi everyone! Putting some leftover stock up on […]

Handmade Mini Cribs For Mini Dolls

Sarah Mellman has made some beautiful handmade mini cribs which are perfect for small dolls. In a range of lovely colours, these cribs could be just what you need to display your smaller babies. To complete the crib Sarah has also made some blankets to give your baby a truly comfortable bed. “For those of […]

Beautiful Spanish Knit Doll Outfits

These beautiful Spanish knit outfits for your dolls are created by Mari Carmen Abadia Mena. I really love some of these outfits and would love to have them on my own babies. There is a fantastic choice of colour and style here. Which means that no matter the skin tone or hair colour of your […]

Beautiful Handmade Doll Shoes

Vivian Zamora of Forever Sproutz nursery has spent the start of the year busily creating some adorable handmade shoes. These cute shoes are truly perfect for all dolls. That is why the live shows she does offer us all a great chance to have some of our own . This particular set of shoes are […]

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