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Reborn Babies And Halloween

Reborn babies

With Halloween coming up do you have any plans for your reborn babies? Do you have any special outfits you like to dress them in or any type of display that you like doing more than others with them. Are you at all nervous about putting them in black for fear that it may stain […]

Reborn Baby Blog 5th October

Reborn baby blog 5th October. This reborn blog is I am hoping going to be like a reborn diary which should be a lot of fun. Today the weather is really starting to feel cold. With the temperature dropped to around -5 and the ground covered in frost. Getting out of bed was really hard. […]

Elegant New Gown From My Design Jorge

My design jorge

This absolutely stunning gown from my design Jorge is so exquisite. Jorge is known for making gowns that are fit for fairytales and this is no different. I love this dress and think it would be perfect for all little princesses. As always the work has been done to the top quality and using the […]

Anna Moore At Kansas Doll Show 2019

Kansas doll show 2019

Kansas Doll Show 2019 will be welcoming Anna Moore. Anna will have a variety of items on offer. It will be a great place to stop by and find any accessories you are wanting for your baby. It will be great to see what Anna brings next year as the items seen on previous shows […]

Reborn Blog 1st October

Reborn blog

Reborn blog 1st October. Can you believe we are in October now? It seems this year is flying past. Due to the weather changing and in preparation for the snow which will come within the next few weeks I have had to move my room. So I am now downstairs in my house to try […]

More Fabulous Jorge Designs Out Now

Jorge Aguilar must be working all hours to get all these fabulous outfits ready for release. Wonderful outfits that are so cute This has to be one of my favourites so far. I love just how delicate it looks. This dainty outfit will look amazing on any babies. I think that the mix that Jorge […]

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