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Lovely Handpainted Reborn Doll For Sale

This lovely handpainted reborn doll is currently for sale on ebay.

Reborn Baby~Willa by Cassie Brace~Professional Artistry~ Highly Realistic~

Babies Created with Love Reborn Nursery

Weight: 5 lbs. 4 oz

Length: 19 1/2 inches
(with full legs & arms)

Reborn May 27, 2021

Willa wears newborn size clothing

I have reborn Willa sculpted by Cassie Brace, to Lifelike With My Love For Newborns & Art And 10 Years Of Experience In Reborning.

His little nose has been opened, and black felt has been glued
on the inside for added realism and protection. His lips have the perfect newborn color, and I have given them a slight moist look. I gave him 3D skin texture to look like little baby bumps/skin. This is around his nose as well, very faint and hard to see in pictures. Looks SO realistic!

I only strive for the most realistic, newborn skin tone. I use several thin layers of genesis paint (heated so it will never fade or peel off), skin blemishes, and veining that appears under the skin.

His little face and head have light veining and different tones of colors that look magically realistic.

Baby’s Body

He has full arms and full legs.

I weighted his limbs 1/2 the way with crushed glass (sand like feeling), then I use polyfill the rest of the way.

I weigh with glass sand (can ship internationally since I don’t use sand) encased in a thick nylon inside of the baby’s head and cloth body.

I use just enough to weigh the head as a real baby would feel so that when you pick your baby up his head slightly moves back and forth.

His body is filled with premium polyfill and weighted with poly pellets encased in nylon.

He is very cuddly and will need to be held as you would a real baby.

He wears newborn & preemie size clothing, and newborn size diapers.

I micro-rooted his hair using beautiful Delta Dawn mohair, medium brown, that lays so beautifully and brushes so nicely.

You may brush his hair using a damp baby brush or toothbrush to style as you’d like! I have sealed her hair with a strong glue.

His eyebrows have been painted lightly and his lashes have been rooted and sealed.

Those little hands and feet are in pinks and reds (just so real-like), and you’ll also see realistic vein coloring and lighter colors in all the right places.

I touch the tips with an off-white natural-looking color.

They don’t look professionally done, they look perfectly natural.

Coming home.

One piece warm outfit outfit, sleeper, onesie, hat & mittens, and his magnetic pacifier.

He also comes diapered and wrapped in his receiving blanket.

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