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Realistic Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

Beatriz Clemente Prototype RealBorn Summer Rain.

Prototype Reborn Artist Beatriz Clemente *IIORA Artist.

Summer Rain is an incredible hyperrealistic doll, created from the scan of a real baby.

This is why its members and its face are incredibly real.
Summer Rain is 18 inches,
The details of the sculpture, make the final result of the painting, have a spectacular realism.

She has full members, the approximate weight of Summer Rain is 5.5lb.



You will see Summer Rain under different lights in this report which will allow you to see the colors of her skin, brightness and textures at different times of the day, depending on the light you have in the room.

You can see distant photos and close photos that allow you to see all the details, such as the fine painted hair, the beauty of her cute face, and the small spots on her skin.

Summer Rain is painted with Genesis paints, the highest quality brand on the market. She has bright and satiny tones,

I do not use liquid solvent to paint, I only use Thinning mediums for paint, which makes the painting more vivid and realistic.

You will be able to appreciate its marks on the skin, its veins, and its changes of color perfectly.

You will see that her feet and hands have a more pink and saturated color than the rest of her body, which is perfectly reminiscent of the colors of a real newborn.

The pliegeues and forms of its extremities are painted, thinking of accompanying the realism of the sculpture, you will be able to appreciate these effects perfectly on her hands and feet, and on the small areas of her face.

Summer Rain’s paint is very well protected with several layers of varnish semi-matte, which does not kill its colors with an absolute matte, and it is not excessively bright, just enough to show real and hydrated skin.


Summer Raine’s hair is painted, with three shades of color, Light Brown, Brown and soft orange for make redhead baby.

From the eyebrows to the entrances of the baby.

The hair is painted with pencils color and genesis, and sealed with 3d varnish to give a 3d effect and also protect the paint.

The births of Summer Rain’s hair, are carefully painted to have a very realistic effect, you can see hair in her eyebrows, forehead, lips and cheeks.

Summer Rain´s eyelashes are grafted, Delta Dawn natural hair, dark blonde color



Summer will travel in a beautiful gift box, with a prototype certificate and a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to a beautiful handmade set specially for her, from Spanish brand Puntaditas Reborn:

Special Photo Album

Handmade suit (Body Suit, head bands, Fabric Pacifier holder,)

Handmade suit (Shirt, jacket, panty (Peter Rabbit model), pacifier holder and head bands,)

Newborn size cotton bodysuit
One set of NEXT brand clothing

Blanket – Lullaby

Some other surprises with which Summer Rain will travel, to make the opening of her box an experience <3 Click here to see the full ebay listing for this sweet realistic reborn baby.

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