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Realistic Prototype Reborn Baby For Sale

This beautiful prototype reborn baby girl is currently for sale on ebay.

PROTOTYPE Tessa Realborn Girl ~ Reborn by Nikki Johnston ~ IIORA


Baby’s Details

Name: Tessa

Kit: Prototype Delilah by Nikki Johnston

Weight: 6lbs 9oz

Length: 20” slightly bent legs


I’m very excited to present to you little baby Tessa.

I have brought her to life using many thin layers genesis heat set paints.

With each translucent layer, I have slowly built up her gorgeous warm newborn complexion.


Not one detail has been missed.

From her individually drawn eyebrows and soft baby fuzz, tiny little scratches and newborn milk spots, right down to her naturally tipped nails.

Every detail has been taken care of.

I have developed my own unique colour mixes and technique to create a gorgeous 3D skin effect.

She has then been sealed with my own mix of medium to create a wonderful dewy textured skin.

If well cared for these paints should last a lifetime



Little Tessa has been painstakingly directionally mono rooted with the highest quality angora mohair.

I have used a combination of Slumberland chocolate brown and HP baby locks mohair.

It is a beautiful deep chocolate brown colour, that compliments her warm newborn skin tone perfectly.

Little Tessa has a very special detail in her hairline; a cowslick!!


Just as delicate as her features, I feel her cowslick complements her perfectly!

As she has been directionally rooted, her hair requires very little styling.

Just lightly spray it with water, and gently comb a baby toothbrush through it.

Although the process of rooting one hair per hole is long, I feel it is so worth it as I’m in love with the results!!

Each eyebrow hair has also been painted one at a time in such a way that you’ll have to do a double take!


Little Tessa has been perfectly weighted with the highest quality materials.

Her limbs have been filled with the highest quality, fine glass beads.

This gives her the weight without the crunching sound when gently squeezed.

Her body had a stocking filled with a sightly larger recycled fine glass beads, that is cradled in a cocoon of the softest, most cuddly fibre fill.

Her head has a similar pouch of glass beads cradled in fibre fill too.

Tessa does have a strong neodymium magnet behind her lips.

This means he can take a magnetic dummy. Please be careful around electronic equipment and people with pacemakers, as it can interfere.

If you would like me to remove it, please let me know at the end of the auction.



Tessa will come home with:

~Stunning floral corduroy romper~

~Gorgeous super soft ribbed floral onesie~

~Beautiful cream, fine knit outfit~

~Super soft pink 2 piece outfit~

~Ribbed dusty pink trousers~

~Beautiful Sleepsuit~

~Girl gendered belly plate~

~Magnetic dummy~


~The softest blanket~


~Stunning personalised photo album~

~All her certificates and documents~

~A couple of little presents for her adopter~

Please note, anything else seen in the pictures are outfits and props form my nursery and do not come with the baby

Click here to see the full ebay listing of this beautiful prototype doll.


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