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When Your Collection Takes Over Your Home

Doll enthusiast Patricia PJ Jordan has taken to her social media to share her ever growing doll collection.

And it truly is impressive.

Her love for these dolls is so clear to see.

She even said a really sweet poem about them.


Yes I am the crazy doll lady

There was an old lady
Who lived in an old house
She had so many dolls
And one reborn mouse

She loved them all
And dressed each one
She brushed their hair
Until each one was done

She took lots of pictures
Each dressed for a holiday
Once they were here
They were here forever to stay

She loved them all sizes
Big or small she loved the same
She lived all alone
Until all the dolls came

Vintage dolls and new ones
She welcomed them to stay
She hugged them tightly
More came each day

They called her the crazy doll lady
She lived in the crazy doll house
She filled her house with her dolls
Left no room for clothing but a blouse

She did have 2 small dogs
2 tarantulas, a dragon and 5 snakes
She had 3 very small degus
And a kitchen to make cakes

But mostly she made dolls
Always one more to make
She named each doll
Even named one Jake

Her children not doll fans
Her granddaughters her doll pal
They helped her make more
And dressed her Patty Play Pal

She loves each and every doll
And someday when she is gone
Her love of her dolls
Will always live on”

This is one of the largest doll collections that I have seen.

But each doll is so special to her.


Can you find a favourite.

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