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Secret Doll Room Found Leaving Owner Terrified

what would you do if you brought a house and found a secret doll room?

Well, the Mirror.co.uk has shared this story of one such event.

When you buy a house it is always fun to explore.

but when you come across secret rooms it is always exciting.

For this lady that excitement soon passed once she saw what was inside.

“Woman finds secret room in house and says she wishes it had ‘stayed hidden’

A homeowner has revealed how she decided to lock up a secret room she discovered hidden in her house, just months after moving in, due to its ‘unsettling’ contents”

A woman has left people “shaking with fear” after discovering a secret room in her house – just a few months after moving in.

The “creepy” room was discovered while the woman was cleaning out a cabinet and noticed that it could be moved.

In a video that has been viewed 3.4 million times, she explains: “We bought this house a few months ago and we’ve been slowly cleaning out different cabinets and closets.

“I was working on this one and as you can see, the old lady that lived here saved everything.

“But I noticed that this moved and looking into it, I can see there’s a space back here.

“So my kids said I should tape it while moving it and see what’s back there.”

One person wrote: “I get really bad vibes about this idk why,” to which another replied: “Uhhhhh it’s filled with dolls HELL NOOOOO.”


Another warned: “The doll in red is alive!!!!’, while another added: “This is so creepy, I’m LITERALLY shaking with fear.”

One freaked out viewer asked: “Anyone else notice the babies head is facing different than the last video?

“And its eyes are looking at her by the end when they weren’t at the start.”

But another joked: “When you forget where you hid the Christmas presents.”

One terrified person warned: “Throw the whole house away.”

The homeowner, who shared the discovery of the room on TikTok, admitted to being “unsettled.”

Read the full article and watch the video here


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