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Pets With Your Dolls

Cute is definitely a word that comes to mind when you think of these dolls.

But one thing that often splits the community is the subject of pets with your dolls.

Now I fully respect that everyone is going to have their own views on this and I genuinely can see both points of view.

So where do I stand?

Well for anyone that knows me they will not be surprised by the fact that my pets do lay with my dolls.

Fact is pets outnumber humans in my house.

For some reason my cats in particular love to lay next to and cuddle with the dolls.

Personally, I am fine with this.

Now I know many people would say they are pieces of art that cost a lot of money.

And should be protected, even placed behind glass sometimes to make sure it is kept in the best condition.

For me, I really fit into both worlds here.

All my dolls are placed either on shelves or in one of the cots or baby chairs that I have.

I like to sometimes cuddle with a baby and I also like to display them.

But I love my little fur babies as well, so if they get enjoyment from the dolls as well then I am ok With that.

Bottom line is that I think it is very much an individual point of view, but no matter if your dolls do or do not stay in the same room as your pets, your opinion should be respected.

For me, that is more important than if it is considered right or wrong.

I think you should enjoy your collection any way you choose to.


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