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Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll For Sale

This lifelike reborn baby doll is currently for sale on eBay.

Beautiful lifelike reborn/fake baby. Sam by Gudrun Legler! Limited EDT *NEW*



Date of birth: 02/11/2020

Time: 11am

Weighing approx 4.6 lbs

Small newborn approx 19 inches long with bent legs

Introducing Newborn baby Sam brought to life from the beautiful sleeping Sam sculpt by the world-renowned sculptor Gudrun Legler and brought to life by me, the artist behind Little Cherubs Reborn.

She is limited edition number 737 out of 1234 worldwide & comes with her certificate of authenticity!

She has been painted with the finest air dry paints to resemble a lifelike newborn baby.

She has been meticulously painted with fine details such as veins, Subtle mottling, birthmark on her forehead, wet nose & scratches!

And then sealed with a Heat set medium to protect her beautiful colouring and offer longevity xx

Sam has been fitted with a neck ring so that her perfect head can be carefully moved from side to side.

Her Arms & legs are NOT jointed but he can be carefully posed as long as you do not force the limbs!

Her hair has been expertly & carefully hand painted in a soft baby brown colour, in many layers & varying colours to create depth.

I have also added a final layer of heat-set, dewy skin medium to her beautiful head to protect, add a natural dewy finish & offer longevity.

Painted hair will never mess & will always look perfectly neat with no maintenance.

I have also rooted eyelashes in soft brown slumberland mohair.

Many many hours have gone into bringing this gorgeous sculpt to life.

The detailing in this sculpt is truly exceptional

**She has full length arms & full bent legs

**Her doe suede body is filled & subtly weighted with the highest quality materials available to me to create a realistic weight and natural feel to the body.

** Her beautiful head has also been weighted, so will need protecting like a real baby

**And he comes complete with a perfectly detailed unisex tummy plate for added realism

Finally her exquisite fingernails have been tipped & varnished.

Not one detail has been overlooked.

I have been reborning for 8 years as a hobby and is a huge passion of mine!

I absolutely love bringing these amazing lifelike creations to life and wish I had more time to spend doing this, but as a full-time mummy, those duties come first!

So as you can imagine, it’s all the more enjoyable when I manage to find the time to paint.

Please see my feedback of previous babies sold to see a genuine record of other people’s experiences buying babies from me.


Coming home

Sam will be going home to his new Mummy/Daddy with the following

* Beautiful NCIU hospital bodysuit

*Absolutely gorgeous Handmade pink mohair bonnet

*Preemie pink romper

* Beautiful White all in one hooded suit

* Mothercare pink knitted hooded cardigan

* Genuine preemie Pampers nappy

*A modified white magnetic dummy

And she will come wrapped in her pink blanket

* signed & numbered Certificate of authenticity by Gudrun Legler

* A unisex belly/tummy plate for posing with a ribbon attached to tie.

And a Little Cherubs birth certificate & signed certificate of authenticity

All clothes/blankets are bought new for each little cherub

If you love what you see here, then use the link below to head over to the full eBay listing for this darling.

Click here for the full eBay listing



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Looks like an ultimate fusion baby

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