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Reborns are pieces of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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2023 Doll Calendar

Preorders for the new and much improved 2023 Doll Calendar will be opening this July.


With each Calendar purchase you also get a raffle ticket to win a free silicone head cuddle baby.


Preorder yours as soon as it opens.


International Doll Festival 2022 Budapest

Biracial Silicone Painting Class

Christina Vassill Whiting is offering you all the chance to learn the art of biracial silicone painting class.

Being the high class teacher that she is you are sure to learn so much from this class.

You will also take what you learn with you as you go forward to bring more babies to life.

biracial silicone painting class

Online intermediate Biracial Silicone Painting Class

In this course, I will be teaching color theory while also sharing my personal palette and techniques for painting light-medium African American/ Caucasian skin-tones.

Together, we will create lifelike skin-tones using a Caucasian silicone cast base.

This course covers the whole process from silicone preparation, mixing of paints, color theory, to my own personal painting techniques and application, sealing and matting.

After payment is made, you will be invited to my secret Facebook group where I will paint Live for 2-3 hours per day over the span of five days.

You can paint alongside me or watch the replay videos and paint at your own leisure.

biracial silicone painting class

I will answer any questions that you may have during the live video as well as private messages.

If you’re curious or even a bit anxious about biracial painting, I urge you to take my class and discover how rewarding biracial painting can be.

This class is listed as intermediate, but artists and hobbyists alike are welcome to attend.

You don’t need to be a pro to learn to paint like one!

Class Details-

-Class date January 25-29th 2021 or March 8-12th 2021
Time of class to be determined, my time zone is EST

-Complete package $910 plus ship
11” blank kit “Allie” sculpted by myself
SAM paints
Matting powder
Psycho Paint Base
Prep instructions
Measuring spoons
Paint knives
Thivex thickener

-Classes only $400
Provide your own blank kit in Caucasian skintone as well as painting materials

-Blank Kit only $410 plus ship

biracial silicone painting class

The only things I cannot include in your package are thinners and solvents like Novocs and Naptha.

I’ll have a complete materials list with paint colors available soon if you wish to provide your own supplies.

Payments made via PayPal Invoice. Complete list of required materials and paint colors to come.


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Join us on our journey.


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