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My Current Reborn Doll Collection

As much as I love this hobby, my own reborn doll collection tends to change over the years.

At one stage I owned over 30 dolls.

Now I own far less than that.

Factors over the years have changed that, and it is fair to say that yes I do miss the dolls I have had to sell.

Some more than others of course.

SO who do I still have in my collection?

reborn doll

Well, my collection is actually spread across two countries right now, so that makes it a little harder to answer.

But with me right now I have three babies.

I have Beth, my gorgeous doll from Gemini Reborn Nursery.

Ben, who is my Still Moments Nursery doll

And Darcy, who is my Elisabetta Monari baby.

Each of these dolls is incredible and I love them all.

I am looking forward to the day when I can get what is left of my collection back together.

Now it is nowhere near as many as I once had, but the hope is to rebuild in the future.

What is your collection like now?

How many babies do you have in it?

Do you plan to get more?

reborn doll

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