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Blank Silicone Kits At Kansas Doll Show

Gorgeous silicone kits will be available at the upcoming Kansas Doll Show.

When we think of high quality babies we often think of silicone dolls.

Which is one of the reasons that Rachelle Lee-Ferrell-Chelle will be offering these beautiful kits for sale.

This will give artists an amazing chance to pick up one of these adorable kits.

Silicone kits

When deciding which kit to buy, in my opinion it comes down to two things.

Either seeing a finished baby using that sculpt.

Or the artists vision of how the baby that they create can look.

Hello everyone! I will have 5 blank kits available of this little one I have named Kinley. 🙂

Available as either a boy or girl, optional arm armatures and a little added stability in the neck to minimize stretch.

She/he is 21″ long, weighs around 9.5 pounds and is poured in my own soft blend silicone.

The softness is very realist without being too “marshmallowy” (if that’s a real word, LOL). 😀 ”

silicone kits

I really love seeing how different the same kit can look when brought to life by different artists.

In fact I have had an instance where there has been a popualar kit that I personally haven’t liked.

But I have then seen one version that I absolutely loved.

In fact I loved it so much I brought it.

So yes an artist really can make a huge difference.

Which is one of the reasons I am so eager to see these little darlings painted up and complete.

This already painted baby does give you an idea of how stunning it can look.

silicone kits

And come on, who wouldn’t want this in their own collection.

I know I would.

So, if like me you have fallen in love with the cutest of this little one and just have to own one, then make sure you find Rachelle during the up coming online Kansas Doll Show.

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