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Reborns are pieces of art,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Pre- Order Your 2021 Artist Calendars

It is now time to start Pre- ordering your doll artist calendars 2021. Price per calendar is the same as last year, $12.99 plus postage. Get yours now.
Make sure to write your name and address in note section of Paypal, so I know where I'm sending this awesome calendar.

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Ana Mendez

Comfort During Troubled Times

Collecting dolls, to some people can be seen as strange

But to those that know, it is safe to say that they bring peace and comfort to us.

This can be in any method that you collect or create.

Even artists find peace with the dolls.

I know that my own time recently has been made a lot easier thanks to having my dolls.

The hope and aim is to increase my collection as soon as I am able

There are some artists that I really want to own babies from.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a new pram and I am so happy with it.

It has allowed me to really spend time with the babies again.

Have the dolls helped you?

What are you looking forward to as long as things return to normal?

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  1. I have SLE Lupus and my babies bring so much comfort! I tend to bond more with one than the others and that is okay because she is my dream baby! I look forward mostly when things go back to normal at the chance of taking her out with me! I enjoyed stopping by!

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