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Reborn Artists, A Flooded Market?

Are there now too many reborn artists within the community?

Before I start let me just say that this is only an opinion and does not mean that it is or is not what I personally think.

It is merely something that I have seen time and time again online and wanted to address.

The question is, is there are now too many reborn artists trying to sell babies?

I would never discourage anyone from picking up a paintbrush and painting dolls.

Reborn artists

Some people even find it relaxing which is great.

The issue has come up that maybe there are too many people trying to then sell the dolls they make.

With more and more artists thinking about it as a way to make money does it beg the question if there are just too many artists now.

Will a larger number of artists to choose from mean that prices for the dolls would go down, meaning that artists would not get as much per doll.

A lower selling price is clearly beneficial for the buyer, but what about the seller.

Will it get to a stage that prices for dolls have to come down to sell them, meaning artists that may be selling dolls as their full-time job having to change that.

If they change that it means them getting another job to help pay the bills.

I would really like to hear people’s thoughts about this.

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