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A Varied Reborn Doll Collection

For any collector, there is nothing greater than getting a new addition to your reborn doll or silicone doll collection.

And this got me wondering how many of us have a varied collection.

How many of us have different textures, skin tone, material?

Do you favour one look for a doll over another or do you get drawn to what you get drawn to?

reborn doll

I find that I can become drawn to any kind of baby, it depends a lot on the realism, the facial features, and the personality that the artists painting has given that doll.

Bringing your doll to life can be a really amazing time, allowing you to try lots of themes and colour palettes for your darling.

For me, I have found that in some cases some clothes can suit one baby better than others, so each of my own babies have a certain set of clothing.

Of course, I can mix it up if I find that it is something I am wanting to do.

Some time ago I had a baby that was sea-themed.

She was really fun to accessorise and dress in clothing that matched her theme.

Being the sea lover that I am, for me this was great.

Although she has since been adopted out, I did have a lot of fun with her.

She was also my very first full body baby.

Even though I can be drawn to various types of dolls, my collection unfortunately currently does not reflect that, which is something that I plan to fix in the future.

The babies that I do have in my own collection are only the babies that have a meaning to me.

In time I hope to extend that to also include dolls that I like for their paintwork not just because they mean other things as well.

Please do not get me wrong, the ones I currently own have amazing paintwork.

That is another reason that I love them.

But what is your own collection like?

Do you own a mix of silicone and vinyl, fantasy and newborn?

Do you have various skin tone or do you only have one?

I would love to hear your own thoughts on this.

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