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When Mistrust, Scams And Bad Manners Rears Its Head

Ok, so it is no secret the number of times I have called out against scams, against stealing and against general bad behaviour between those in the community.

But sometimes it comes to you when you least expect it.

Such a case happened today to me.

So let me explain the background.

As you all know as you are here I run this website.

Along with this, I make reborn related items, one of these is a calendar.

I also have spots on the site where artists can share their work with you all.

Both of these are of course for a price.

But I like to reach out to as many artists as I can to offer the chance to be a part of either.


But what happened today is just a product of the atmosphere this community is now creating.

Where artists do not have trust in anyone and collectors are wary of doing business with anyone.

So what happened today right?

Well, I sent a message to an artist offering the chance to be in either the calendar or the special offer sponsor spot.

The response I got took me by surprise.

From the outset, I was accused of being a scammer.

For offering these things that didn’t really exist.

To me, it goes to show two things,

Firstly that the auto reaction to people is that of mistrust.

And secondly that this shows how much mistrust artists have from countless people wanting to scam and/or rob them.

The lack of trust is something that makes me sad.

Anyone that knows me knows what I stand for and knows how hard I do actually work on this.

This community really has changed from when I first got into it to where we now doubt first.

I really do hope that there is a way that we can fix this and get back to the type of community that it once was.

Now I have decided at this point not to name names or share the screenshots of the conversation, but this is a topic that I will no doubt revisit.

Such a shame that it has turned this way.

Please let us treat each with the same respect we would want for ourselves.


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