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Can I Have A Reborn Or Silicone Doll For $100?

Can I Have A Reborn Or Silicone Doll For $100?

So how many of you have had this question?

I know I have had it several times, and it doesn’t get any more frustrating.

The simple answer is no, there are no real genuine reborn dolls, let alone silicone babies that you can buy for that price.

You pay that amount and you will get a fake Chinese doll, which trust me you do not want if you value the community as an art.

reborn or silicone doll

These dolls are not true reborns or silicones, not only that but they look bad and are misrepresenting the artists and their work and vision.

When you buy a reborn you are buying something that you wish to last you years, you will not find this in the fake dolls.

They will arrive and leave you disappointed.

It is unlikely that you would buy a doll from the back of someone’s car, so why would you buy it when you know that the kit has been stolen?

These dolls are factory-made and do not class as reborn due to the simple fact they have not been reborned.

reborn or silicone doll

Now I know some people will not like that fact, but I am afraid it is the truth.

If you own one of these babies made from the stolen Chinese kits then I am sorry but you just do not own a reborn all you own is a mass-produced doll of poor quality.

Not only that but you are actually supporting the thieves.

So please try and understand that no there are no real reborns for less than $100, genuine kits alone will cost half of that if not more.

That is not to mention the time taken to paint the doll and the cost of the products used for it.

All of this costs more than $100.

So please think twice before asking for dolls this cheap as the answer will always be the same.

If you want to be a reborn or silicone baby parent then be a reborn or silicone baby parent, not a fake ones parent.

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