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The Hard Life Of A Doll Artist

To many of us being a doll artist sounds like a fantastic way to make a living, but the reality is a lot harder than that.

The hours upon hours of painstaking work are almost equal to the hours that are spent with people wasting your time and not buying your doll after you have spent days sometimes talking to them.

And now you also have to compete with fake dolls coming from China.

The dolls created really do deserve the same treatment as expensive artwork.

After all, they can get damaged if not treated well.

doll artist

If you dress them too often that will over time affect the paintwork.

Constant brushing of the hair or placing hats or bands on and off will damage the hair, causing in places for the hair to fall out.

There are times when collectors will actually blame the artist for this.

I do not think that is fair.

If you kept running a painting on your wall and the paint started to flake or fall off you wouldn’t blame the artist.

These dolls really are artwork, they need to be treated with respect and care.

Each baby arrives with care instructions, these are not just for fun.

Read them, they will help you keep your precious baby in the best condition for as long as possible.

So yes, I’m sure being a doll artist is really awesome, but it is not all fun and games.

There is so much hard work involved in it, that I think we should all have a lot more respect for the artists in our community.

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  1. How much do the dolls cost to be custom made

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