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Super Realistic Reborn Baby For Sale

This super cute baby is currently for sale on ebay.

You will want to have this princess in your collection.

Precious Wonders – Reborn Baby boy PROTOTYPE Jonah by Heike Kolpin
Vinyl doll, Alexa Calvo,

reborn baby

Babies Name: Jonah
Date of Birth: November 24th, 2019 / 24.11.2019
Time of Birth: 12:01 am / 12:01 Uhr
Weight: 5lb, 15oz / 2690 gramm
Length: 20,5″ (straight legs) / 52 cm (mit gestreckten Beinen)
19″ (benth legs) / 48 cm (mit angewinkelten Beinen)

This baby Jonah is a Prototype.

Reborned by Alexa Calvo of Precious Wonders.

Hello, may I introduce myself?

My name is Alexa Calvo.

I am a reborn artist from Germany.

Together with my thirteen-year-old daughter, my little seven-year-old twins and my husband I´m living in the south of Germany.

I am lucky in reborning dolls and being able to make other people happy with my babies.

Being able to design reborn babies is really a very rewarding and enjoyable thing to do for me.

I’m very glad to present and sell my Precious Wonders on eBay, making sure that they are going to find a lovely new home.

Today I proudly announce the birth of my new wonderful baby Jonah.

It was a pleasure for me to reborn a cute and very lively looking baby boy out of this kit. Thank you, dear Heike Kolpin, for giving me the chance to style this prototype.

I enjoyed every minute of reborning him!

reborn baby

With the greatest care, much love and pleasure I created this baby into a sweet, detailed baby.

Please enjoy the following pictures of him.

To give you the best results in seeing the realistic coloration, I´ve been taken all the photos at different times in natural daylight.

All pictures have not been edited!

– very beautiful soft vinyl full arms and full legs
– cloth body
– natural 3D permanent newborn colored real skin with Genesis
– micro rooted dark blonde eyelashes
– mono and micro rooted dark blonde alpaca hair
– fine painted hairline and painting hairs in the face in blonde colors
– painted blonde eyebrows
– realistic manicured and pedicured nails
– weighted with absolutely high quality and non-toxic materials
– wonderful baby outfits
– sweet accessories

reborn baby

It took me many hours to give him this very realistic newborn skin tone, using the 3D real skin method.

Using this technique I am able to create a very realistic effect.

I developed my own special way of coloring and nobody does the same.

The lifelike skin is hand-painted in many different layers.

This baby has got also delicate veining and capillaries.

Please notice!!! His skin is very rosy and translucent – a typical look for a baby and different to the skin of kids or adults.

His nails have been tipped in a natural off white and varnished.

His lips are colored in natural shades and sealed as well with satin varnish.

The colors are permanent, non-toxic and do not fade.

Finally, I sealed the skin with Genesis Matte Varnish.

So it feels a bit rough with a skin structure and it looks matte.

His painting on the hands and feet are rosier.

Jonah’s hair has been mono and micro rooted with high-quality alpaca hair in a dark blonde color.

This process is taking a lot of time but the effort has been worthwhile!

The result is very realistic and baby-like.

To make Jonah look like a baby his eyelashes have been rooted so fine as a real baby has, you might believe they are real.

His hair at the forehead and the temples are partially painted in a blonde color.

I also draw and rooted his eyebrows very fine and detailed so you will believe they are real.

I have weighted his body with fibrefill, a sack of steel granulate and very realistic “baby fat” soft pellets. His arms and legs are filled with glass beads and fibrefill.

His head is also weighted with a sack of steel granulate and fibrefill,

so you have to hold his little head like a real baby.

Jonah’s weight is really balanced, he will lay in your arms like a real baby. If you hold this little wonder you will never let it go!

– diaper
– the wonderful clothes you see on the pictures
– beautiful birth certificate
– Prototype COA
– baby wrap blanket
– sweet beautiful dummy with magnet
– pacifier chain
– brush for his hair
– fluffy toy
– suitcase or box for his clothes and accessoires
– wonderful baby travel box

Attention: I will not ship him with belly plate, the plate is just for the photos.

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this realistic reborn baby.

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