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Super Cute Reborn Baby Girl For Sale

This super cute reborn baby girl is currently for sale on ebay.


JADE REALBORN by Bountiful Baby.

reborn baby


D.o.b: 23rd ~ November ~ 2019

Weight: almost 5 lbs

Length: 18″

Full Limbs

I only use the best materials from reputable suppliers, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving a top quality doll.

My babies are created over many, many hours using the very latest techniques and “Genesis Heat Set Paints” which in my opinion are the best at achieving that translucent look.

Skin :

Your baby will have undertones and mottling using all the colours that you would see in real skin. Veins and markings for skin so realistic !! I have applied a special mix layer of matte varnish to your baby to protect the paint and stop the skin becoming too shiny.

Eyes :

I have hand rooted delicate lashes to the beautiful sleeping eyes.

Mouth :

Beautifully painted lips in many shades with slight wetness as a baby would have !!


Delicately painted baby nails finished with satin varnish for a very natural sheen.


Beautifully painted with many shades creating a beautiful head of hair with a crown swirl that will never need to be maintained, it always looks good !!

I have applied a textured finished.

Body :

The specially designed doe suede body has been carefully weighted using soft, clean, fibre fill, a small pouch of glass beads and a small pouch of non-rusting steel balls.

I have used fibre fill and glass beads to weight the head and limbs, which are then sealed.

It contains strong magnets so care must be taken around electrical items and people with pacemakers should not hold the baby.

No Sand is ever used in my babies ……

“A Realborn® is a Real Baby Replica which is created directly from computer photometric scans of a real newborn baby.

They make the most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world.

Virtually every fold, wrinkle, and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, and toes are captured with this technology.

From the 3d prototype print, the molds for the most perfect reborn artists’ canvas (the Realborn® vinyl doll parts) are created.” by Bountiful Baby.

All clothing worn in the pictures will be coming home with the baby.

You will also receive :

Baby Blanket (other blankets in pics not included),

Magnetic Dummy,

Magnetic Hair Decoration,

Birth Certificate,

Certificate of Authenticity,

Care Sheet

Click here to see the full ebay listing for this sweet princess.


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